How To Plan Your Remodel

Crofton Md Remodeling And How To Pan Your Remodel

If you’re thinking of taking on a Crofton MD remodeling project, then one of the first things you should do is set aside some time for detailed planning. Remodeling is always a major—and costly—undertaking. It’s typically one of the most expensive investments homeowners can make, especially if they are targeting the kitchen and bathroom, which have the most costly appliances and fixtures like cabinets, counters, sinks, and others.

That’s why if you want to ensure your Crofton MD remodeling project is a success, you need to sit down and figure out certain things in advance. The more detailed a plan you have, the higher the chances your remodeling project will succeed. Here’s what you should be thinking about.

Get Detailed Measurements

A bathroom or kitchen remodel requires precise dimensions. After all, even a difference of an inch or two in counter space can mean the difference between an oven smoothly fitting into the overall design of a kitchen and finding out you need to either buy a new oven range that fits or damage your newly installed counter by hacking an inch off to make your appliance fit.

The best kitchens and bathrooms are ones where homeowners give the remodeling team all the information they need to craft a room where everything fits neatly with everything else. That’s only possible with accurate measurements.

Decide On Your Priorities List

It’s not enough to simply decide that a kitchen or bathroom remodel will “improve everything.” Different people have different tastes and needs, so you need to take the time to really consider what you want most from a new kitchen or bathroom. Some people will want a new island kitchen counter to optimize the workspace better. Others have a longstanding dream of a luxury bathtub in the main bathroom, while still others want two separate sinks for each person.

Whittle down your list of improvements, so you know which features you absolutely want to have versus the nice but
not essential features. Some people can live without warm bathroom floors in the morning, while cold floors are a deal-breaker for others.

Determine Your Budget

This will often be the most painful part of the process in Crofton MD remodeling projects because many people underestimate just how much a kitchen or bathroom remodel can cost. It’s not uncommon for some to think a kitchen remodel might only cost a few hundred dollars and then experience sticker shock at the reality that most cost tens of thousands of dollars. While not quite in the same tier, bathrooms can still be costly.

Now the importance of priorities versus “nice to have” becomes crucial. It will take a lot of decisions and soul searching for fitting things into a remodeling budget if you’re not playing with unlimited funds.

Find The Right Contractor

Who you choose to for your Crofton MD remodeling project can hugely impact its success. Take the time to create a list of experienced contractors. Look at past projects, compare customer testimonials, see if you like their work, and then decide.

A good contractor can deliver on time and budget, while a bad contractor can hurt your wallet and home.