How To Take Care Of Your Cabinets

Crofton Cabinetry - How To Take Care Of Your Cabinets

Crofton cabinetry can be one of the standout—and expensive—additions you can make when you renovate a kitchen. It’s no surprise then, that with that kind of investment, and the way cabinets can add to your home’s overall value, you want to ensure that they continue to help your home, rather than hurt it, once you start taking advantage of your new kitchen.

Like anything else in your home, your Crofton cabinetry isn’t indestructible. It can become damaged or simply lose its luster with neglect. So how do you take care of your cabinets? Here are a few tips.

Clean Glass Cabinets

If you’ve gone to the expense of getting cabinets with glass doors, make sure that you give them the care they deserve, because they need extra attention. Ammonia free cleaners should be in your list of cleaning agents, and it’s important to wipe down these doors because dirt and dust neglected on these doors can quickly ruin the look you paid for, and make your kitchen look rundown, rather than elegant.

Be Careful Of Direct Sunlight

The ultraviolet rays of sunlight can, given enough time, damage everything from skin to paint to wood stains. This is why there is always an advisory to avoid exposing anything to direct sunlight for too much time. In the case of your cabinets, prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the colors of paint, or, in the case of more naturalistic wood stains, darken them. Protect your colors by using curtains or shades to reduce exposure during critical parts of the day.

Dust, Don’t Wax

When cleaning cabinets, use a dry lint-free cloth to dust your doors. Pre-moistened sheets may actually damage your cabinets since they should never be unnecessarily exposed to moisture. The same goes for waxing. While it brings a shine to your car, it can eventually build in layers on your cabinet doors and hurt the look. Always be gentle with your Crofton cabinetry.