If You Can’t Have A Walk-In, Try A Pantry Cabinet Instead

Contractor Cabinets: No Walk-In Pantry? Try A Pantry Cabinet

People who use their kitchens extensively for meal preparation know that there’s a lot of value in a pantry. A space dedicated to storing numerous dry goods like ingredients can make meal preparation faster, more convenient, and more organized. However, not everyone can or should have a walk-in pantry, but professional contractor cabinets may be a better fit.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Walk-in pantries have the same pros and cons as walk-in closets. The biggest advantage is the sheer amount of space. A walk-in pantry provides multiple shelves that can go up to the ceiling for massive storage potential of ingredients and even smaller appliances like blenders, food processors, or even Instant Pots. However, in the same way, a smaller home with a smaller master bedroom may not comfortably accommodate a large walk-in closet, and smaller kitchens may sacrifice too much available workspace in the kitchen for a full-sized, single pantry room.

Many Options With Contractor Cabinets

Cabinet pantries come in stock formats for contractor cabinets, or they can be built by specialists with custom measurements. However, in either case, the result is the same. A pantry cabinet can be built into a kitchen using less available workspace.

Depending on how the cabinet is configured, it can be part of existing contractor cabinets remodeling for a kitchen, providing ample vertical stacking space. It can even be built with additional features, such as shelves that roll out for easier access or are strategically placed between counters to make it even easier to get what you need when you need it. Depending on positioning, you may sacrifice some counter space to get your pantry storage space, but this depends on the type of pantry cabinet and where you decide to put it.

If you’re interested in a kitchen upgrade that includes a full-sized pantry cabinet, contact us today. We can assess your current kitchen layout and develop an optimal pantry solution.