If You Want A Dream Kitchen, You Should Work With Kitchen Remodeling Companies

If You Want A Dream Kitchen, You Should Work With Kitchen Remodeling CompaniesBeing a homeowner is a big part of the American dream for many Americans living in the Bowie and Crofton area. Independence from parents and getting away from paying rent to living in a home you own and pay for is one of the ultimate signs of self-sufficiency. And this part of Maryland is a great place to be a homeowner, with attractions like the Prince Georges Stadium or a fun meal with the family at Moni’s Place as part of the good life here.

But to own a home that feels truly like your own, you need to make it that way. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in a home, both functionally and for a sense of ownership. The best kitchens are the ones that are constructed to suit the needs of the residents, and this is where kitchen remodeling companies like Cardigan Kitchens & Baths come in. For over 50 years, our company has been helping residents of Bowie and Crofton improve their property value and their daily home experience with our commitment to being one of the best kitchen remodeling companies in the area.

Cardigan Kitchens & Baths is a 100% proudly American, family-owned business that first got into home improvement with plumbing. However, we kept working with larger projects involving plumbing and general home improvements like kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Eventually, with all that experience and the accolades we received from customers, it made sense to be one of Bowie and Crofton’s kitchen remodeling companies instead of just a plumber. And our services go beyond those rooms. We can renovate other rooms, add shelving where needed, or lay out new floors, in addition to kitchen or bathroom remodeling.

The Professional Choice

Some people may feel that self-sufficiency is important and that if it’s possible to do something yourself, that’s the way to do it. However, when it comes to kitchens, this may not be the best approach, especially if there’s an option to work with experienced kitchen remodeling companies. Some people believe that a willingness to do this yourself instead of working with kitchen remodeling companies can save you significant time and money, but this is only true if you already have professional experience in the many areas required for a quality job.

If you don’t, the following benefits come with working with professional kitchen remodeling companies instead of doing it yourself.


It’s a common belief that you can save a significant amount of money on remodeling if you do it yourself by eliminating the need to pay for labor. However, removing experienced labor also removes the access they have to the equipment required. If you don’t already know a sledgehammer for tearing down existing kitchen or bathroom infrastructure, you will have to find, borrow, rent or purchase one yourself. The same is true for the other power tools required if you want results that look professional.

This also means you will be paying for the parts. Electrical wiring, pipes, and other parts of a kitchen or bathroom must be carefully purchased to ensure years of reliable service. Trying to buy lower-cost, inferior parts to save money upfront could result in years of costly repairs as breakdowns become more frequent.


Some homeowners mistakenly believe that a kitchen renovation will get done faster if they do it themselves. This stems from the misperception that professionals will schedule out remodeling for a longer than a necessary period and only during business hours. On the other hand, a homeowner taking time off a regular job can work all day, including weekends, which is believed to make for faster results.

However, the reality is that doing a quality job takes time. Care must be exercised even at the demolition stage when locating electrical wiring, water pipes, and even load-bearing beams if this is a factor with the location. Electrical wiring must be carefully installed and up to modern building code practices. Cabinets require careful installation if they are to provide decades of trouble-free operation. None of this can be done quickly and carelessly.

The final and perhaps most important reason for working with professionals is to get a level of quality that will stand the test of time. Doing a quality job requires knowledge, experience, and the right tools to get it done in a reasonable period. Professionals work with contracts, give estimates, and, crucially, successful contractors have proven track records with references and past work you can look at.

This means that both quality and legal protection are something you get when working with professionals who will provide insurance coverage and other protections for both you and the people brought in to do the work. The result is always something you can count on. Cardigan Kitchens & Baths are one of Crofton’s most experienced kitchen remodel companies. We can give you the lifetime results and reliability you want.