Inexpensive Touches To Add Luxury To Your Bathroom

Inexpensive Touches To Add Luxury To Your Bathroom

When considering your bathroom remodel you may be looking for ways to up the luxury of your private oasis. Unfortunately, luxury design elements can often be out of our price range. However, after years in the bathroom remodeling business, we have some clever ways to add touches of luxury to any bathroom within any budget. Here are some inexpensive touches you can add to your bathroom to boost the luxury.

Rich Color Palette

You can add luxury simply by choosing the right colors of your design elements. Opt for the tiles with tiny gold or crystal flakes or choose a jewel-toned wall color. Go for something bold, the richer the colors the more luxurious your bathroom will feel.

Consider Your Faucet Fixtures

Faucets come in a range of styles and finishes for any price point. If you can’t afford to replace your tub or sink, you can upgrade them to look more expensive with stylish faucets. For the ultimate luxury, consider faucets in gold, brass, or chrome. Anything with shiny finish will look more expensive.

Take The Tile Floor To Ceiling

Tile is often the most expensive piece of the bathroom, so the most luxurious high-end bathrooms stack tile from floor to ceiling. This style can be very expensive, however you can achieve this look for less by either choosing a less expensive tile and covering more area or just picking one wall to take the tile all the way to the ceiling.

Invest In Storage

The quickest way to take away the luxurious feel of your bathroom is to clutter it with your bath and beauty products. So when designing your luxurious oasis, think about what products you use everyday and work with your designer to find clever ways to store them. Also, give yourself a little extra bathroom storage, you never know when you’ll need more space.

Invest In A Towel Warmer

There is nothing more luxurious than stepping out of the bath and wrapping yourself in a warm fluffy towel. Towels warmers can be standalone or wall mounted and are not that expensive of an investment especially in Maryland where the winters can be long and very cold.

Add A Chandelier

Dig around your local flea market, thrift stores, or even online to find a classic chandelier. Fancy chandeliers fell out of fashion for a while, so you can score one for very little money if you look carefully. Nothing says luxury like an elegant chandelier.

These simple elements can add a very luxurious, expensive feel to your bathroom without the high-ticket price. For more ideas on how to get the bathroom of your dreams, give our design experts a call at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths.