Is A Walk In Shower Right For You?

Is A Walk In Shower Right For You?

A walk in shower is an unusual but often welcome feature in today’s bathrooms. Unlike conventional showers, which are built into a bathtub or have their own cabinet-sized stall, walk-in showers have a larger, dedicated space that is sometimes open, sometimes enclosed with doors.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of having one.

Pro: Accessibility

Not only does a walk-in shower look visually striking, but it also “future-proofs” your bathroom needs should mobility issues arise. Accidents resulting in disability or aging that impair the capability to move as freely or easily as before make stepping over tubs difficult or impossible.

Investing in a walk-in shower not only enhances your bathroom’s aesthetics but also ensures future accessibility, accommodating potential mobility challenges.

Con: More Water On The Floor

Because walk-in showers have no barriers, this means the floor is much more likely to have water spilling across it. While this can be mitigated through the extra investment in splash guards or barriers, that’s an added cost.

Pro: Versatile

Because walk-in showers have fewer components than other bathroom fixtures, they can be installed just about anywhere, meaning that even a small half-bath may be able to accommodate a walk-in.

This can add more value to your home as well as create more bathroom access opportunities for larger households.

Con: Colder Baths

A walk-in shower without a door may feel colder compared to enclosed shower stalls, but solutions like heated flooring or a shower heat light can address this issue, though these options will incur additional costs.

In summary, a walk in shower brings aesthetic appeal and future accessibility to bathrooms, enhancing home value and accommodating larger households. Despite potential water spills and a colder feel, solutions like splash guards or heated flooring mitigate these concerns.

If you think that a walk-in shower might be something that will benefit you and your family, contact us today. We’ll handle your bathroom and even your kitchen remodeling needs.