Is A Whirlpool Bathtub Right For You?

Kitchen And Bathroom Remodeling: Is A Whirlpool Bathtub Right For You?

Homeowners thinking of doing kitchen and bathroom remodeling to finally get their property the way they’d like often think of luxury, “big ticket items” to finally add. For a premium bathroom, a jacuzzi or whirlpool bathtub is one choice. This large bathtub can easily fit two or even more depending on its size, but it also has jets that provide a strong, circulating massaging effect.

While that sounds good, it’s important, however, to remember that for all the benefits whirlpool bathtubs provide, this does come at a cost beyond the sizable increase in money.

More Utilities

The larger size of a whirlpool bathtub means you’ll need more water to fill it, so most people expect an increase in their water bill, especially if they use the tub more frequently. However, added to this is the pump that compresses the water and shoots it out as a jet. This consumes a significant amount of electricity.

All totaled, with regular usage, a whirlpool bathtub may add $40 to monthly bills all by itself.

More Maintenance

A regular bathtub—although it’s not advisable—can be generally ignored for cleaning, but this is not the case with a whirlpool tub. The waterjets, for example, should be regularly maintained if you want to keep enjoying the relaxation/health benefits they provide and avoid the growth of algae that can occur in untended water that may sit in pipes and nozzles.

Whirlpool bathtubs should, at minimum, get a proper cleaning once a month. Twice a month is ideal and involves more than just wiping the tub. Hot water, vinegar, and baking soda should all be used in a full tub to circulate through the jets as well. Doing this clears out bacteria and prevents unwanted algae growth.

If you’re thinking of kitchen and bathroom remodeling that might include premium items like installing a whirlpool bathtub, contact us today.