Is Bathroom Ventilation That Important?

Bathroom Remodeling In Maryland: Bathroom Ventilation

For many, bathroom remodeling in Maryland is mainly about the big-ticket items, like getting a luxury tub installed or thinking about adding a half-bathroom for more utility and higher property value. However, one of the aspects of bathroom remodeling often overlooked is ventilation. Here’s why you should always consider it if you’re doing some bathroom remodeling in Maryland.

More Than A Smell

Most homeowners associate a window or fan ventilation in a bathroom with the convenience of quickly removing odors. This is indeed a big perk of having ventilation, but it’s not the only one and far from the most important.

The fundamental function that ventilation serves is removing humidity, especially in bathrooms with a bathtub or shower stall. Bathrooms generate more humidity than any other room in a property. If that water—or water vapor—remains in the room, it creates ideal conditions for mold. Once mold takes hold, it renders a bathroom both unsightly and potentially a health hazard. In addition, mold constantly sends spores into the air, and people in a home will breathe in those spores. If anyone has a respiratory condition, it can worsen with the presence of spores in the air.

Make The Effort

Ventilation can be as simple as having a window installed and opening when the bathroom is in use. Or, for people that prefer to keep windows closed or can’t build in a window, a motorized fan does a similar job. As long as the fan is left on long enough to do its job after a bathroom’s use, this will go a long way toward preventing a damp environment for mold to grow.

This has the effect of making your bathroom a cleaner, healthier, more pleasant environment. It also prevents it from aging before its time and looking more rundown through the proliferation of mold. So if you’re getting bathroom remodeling in Maryland done, always remember to factor ventilation into the project.