Is It Time For A Smart Bathroom?

Is It Time For A Smart Bathroom?

If you’ve been following the developments in retail electronics, you know that one of the new trends is the “smart home,” that takes aspects of home life and adds computers, with Internet connectivity into the mix. The smart home concept is now working its way into everything from HVAC operation to the kitchen, and if you’re talking to bathroom remodeling companies about your renovation project, you might want to think about making your bathroom “smarter.” But how?

What’s So Smart About A Bathroom?

You might not think that bathroom with computer automation in it could be useful, but you’d be surprised at the different ways that this can come into play. Today, the technologies that were once considered only the territory of wealthy companies—such as motion-sensing technology are cheap enough to build into everyday retail products.

This means that with a combination of the right technology, and the right features you and the bathroom remodeling companies you’re working with can create a new space with convenient little touches that make your bathroom experience much easier.

No More Fumbling

One of the big issues with using a bathroom, especially late at night, making your way into the room and fumbling with lights. Smart lights installed in the bathroom can detect motion and automatically turn on. This way, even when you’re at your most tired, your bathroom is making sure you can see where you’re going and what you’re doing.

The Right Temperature Every Time

One of the most shocking things that can happen in the bathroom—especially when you’re not quite awake in the morning—is stepping into a shower that is too cold, or too hot. With new smart technologies, you can set the water to the temperature you want, while new “smart showerheads” light up with a ring of LEDs at different colors indicating the temperature. Once the water is at the temperature you want, the light gives you the go-ahead to step in knowing that the temperature is exactly where you want it.

More Speakers

Bathrooms are coming with options to either allow for more portable, waterproof speakers to be brought into these areas or build the speaker in where they’re needed most, such as in the shower stall. Now you can listen—and sing along—to all the music you want while you’re showering or bathing, and you don’t have to worry about damaging this equipment with moisture.

The Smart Mirror

Even mirrors are now getting into the act with smart lighting, and even voice control that is, depending on the model, compatible with Amazon, Apple, or Android voice-operated systems. This means being able to interact with voice commands while using your bathroom mirror for grooming, or even controlling the lighting in the area with hand or voice commands, depending on your preference.

The future of homes is changing a lot thanks to the implementation of smart devices everywhere. If you’re working with bathroom remodeling companies to give you the bathroom of your dreams, think about incorporating some smart home functionality for even more convenience.