Is It Time To Make Your Bathroom Accessible?

Bathroom Remodeling Companies: Is It Time To Make It Accessible?

It’s not unusual for some homeowners to decide that after decades of living in a home, they want to remain there in their twilight years instead of moving to the unfamiliar surroundings of a retirement home. However, there may sometimes be mobility issues that can severely impact the ability to do this comfortably. This is one aspect that bathroom remodeling companies can help with.

Changing Circumstances

The bathroom is often a key area that can make the difference between remaining in a home comfortably in the senior years and moving to a more appropriate facility. This is because the bathroom and its appliances are designed to work for non-disabled residents. It’s not unusual, however, for seniors to encounter mobility issues as they age, such as using canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. Arthritis and other joint problems can also make performing normally trivial tasks such as flushing a toilet or turning a faucet challenging.

Depending on a senior resident’s challenges, a normal, able-bodied bathroom may be difficult or even impossible to use. However, it’s not only retirement homes that can accommodate these needs; bathroom remodeling companies can help too.

Accessibility Options With Bathroom Remodeling Companies

Every senior or disabled resident will have accessibility issues dependent on their condition. Some of the possible accessibility work that can be done on bathrooms by bathroom remodeling companies include:

• Widening a doorframe to accommodate wheelchairs
• Lowering light switches, countertops, and other fixtures
• Installing walk-in bathtubs or shower stalls for people who can no longer lift their legs
• Adding anti-slip flooring to prevent falls that could result in serious injury, such as broken bones
• Installing grab bars to pull up or down for toilets and bathtubs
• Adding an intercom system or emergency button

And many more. Depending on the nature of the accessibility option, these changes to a bathroom can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

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