Is Natural Lighting Right For Your Bathroom?

Bathroom Reconstruction: Natural Lighting Right For Your Bathroom

If you’re thinking of getting some bathroom reconstruction done, most people will usually concentrate on the most immediate, big-ticket items, like the bathtub or the toilet. However, another aspect of your bathroom can have a significant effect on the overall experience. Lighting can affect both the mood and even the convenience of using a bathroom, and natural lighting is a big part of that.

It Doesn’t Leave You Vulnerable

One of the biggest things people are concerned with when it comes to bathroom usage is privacy. After all, this is a situation when people are at their most vulnerable, using toilets or bathing, so there are modesty issues to consider. In that respect, it might seem like windows that allow daylight through would be completely unacceptable since it potentially means people could see in.

This, however, does not have to be the case. There are ways to allow natural light in that can still protect the privacy of people inside. Skylights, for people willing to invest, bring sunlight directly in without letting anyone look inside. On the other hand, frosted glass, curtains, tinted windows, and even shutters can all bring in diffuse natural lighting without leaving occupants starkly visible.

The Benefits Of Bathroom Reconstruction

Natural light does many things for a bathroom. Aesthetically, it brings warmth and even opens up space and makes it feel larger. From a convenience perspective, it’s also easier to use a bathroom at the start of the day when you’re not fully awake, as there’s no fumbling for a light switch; everything is already lit.

Finally, it’s good for the bathroom. Being able to open a window means there’s added ventilation. When taking a shower, excess moisture is quickly removed, which can reduce the chance of mold or mildew growth. A bathroom reconstruction with more natural lighting can even add value to the property.