It’s Always A Good Idea To Be Prepared For The Unexpected

bathroom and kitchen remodeling  - It’s Always A Good Idea To Be Prepared For The Unexpected

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling is one of the bigger projects homeowners can tackle. But, for best results, bathroom and kitchen remodeling should always be done with experienced professionals that can get you the premium results you want.

However, there is one hard and fast rule that should always be observed when it comes to home improvements. Be prepared to deal with something you weren’t expecting.

Contingencies Can Save You

One of the safest things you can do for yourself is build some “emergency money” into your budget as a contingency for bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Whatever you are willing to spend on a remodeling project, make sure you set aside at least 20% of the budget for contingencies.

While it’s not guaranteed to happen for every project, there’s a high likelihood that once a project has gotten underway, new findings may require more spending to bring you the results you originally envisioned.

Working With Surprises

Unless you had a home constructed explicitly for yourself and then decided later to do some remodeling, there’s always a chance that you’ll encounter something you weren’t expecting when you choose to do any significant work. Just a few examples of contingencies you may not have accounted for include:

Mold Removal

A water pipe leak may have created an environment where a mold infestation has occurred, requiring professional remediation.

Electrical Upgrades

The wiring in older homes may still be badly outdated knob and tube wiring that should be replaced with modern electrical power supply systems.

Older Water Pipes

Another common unexpected upgrade is changing out the water pipes of the home for something safer. Lead pipes, for example, pose a health risk to children drinking water from these sources.

Load Bearing Issues

Knocking out walls to open up a kitchen can’t be done on a whim. If a wall that “has to go” ends up being a load-bearing wall, contingencies must keep the home stable.

These and other reasons are why it’s so important to set money aside for contingencies.