It’s Not Just Your Sink That Needs Water

Plumbing Company In Maryland: It’s Not Just Your Sink

Homeowners will agree that if you have a kitchen remodeling project, you’ll need a plumbing company in Maryland to help with considerations like the sink. The kitchen is, after all, the only other room besides bathrooms where easy access to water is a must.

However, kitchens can sometimes benefit from having more than just one water line. In some cases, since this room has a waterline coming into it anyway, you may want to consider these additional appliances and fixtures to take advantage of the proximity.


Modern dishwashers are not just convenient in many ways; they now provide long-term savings to homeowners. Today’s dishwashers and the detergents used on them are now efficient enough that they no longer need meticulous rinsing of dishes before placement. Once the dishwasher is turned on, internal heating systems bring up water temperatures much higher than possible with just a hot water pipe, requiring even less water to clean dishes.

As a result, there are legitimate financial reasons to have dishwashers in a kitchen, in addition to the convenience. Having a dedicated waterline for the dishwasher is a must if you are considering this appliance.

Laundry Machines

It’s not uncommon for some households to place their laundry appliances in the kitchen. While it’s true that laundry machines can take up space that might have gone to cabinet storage space, this area also makes a lot of sense. Water lines are close by, and perhaps more importantly, the kitchen area naturally has vents for cooking, which means venting for a dryer doesn’t require a lot of upheaval.

Laundry machines in a kitchen also make sense for smaller homes or even mobility/disability situations where placing laundry machines downstairs in a basement may not be feasible. This can sometimes also be more convenient for people who do work or play in the backyard, as dirty items can be removed when coming into the kitchen rather than tracking that dirt into the home.


Refrigerator technology has come a long way from just being able to chill or freeze food. Today’s refrigerators have screens on the front for various display purposes, cameras inside so you can see the contents without opening the fridge or even being at home, and the ability to make ice or even provide a cold glass of water.

However, these last two functions require steady access to water, meaning that if you want to invest in a more premium refrigerator for your home, you’ll need to have a water line installed. The added convenience, however, is often worth it for people who want maximum convenience from their fridge.

Get It Done Right

If you’re thinking of getting any of these appliances installed as part of your kitchen upgrade, make sure you work with an experienced, professional plumbing company in Maryland. Even the convenience of building out from an existing water line in a kitchen should be done carefully and professionally.

Failing to do so could result in leaks or other types of water damage to the rest of the home. So, if you want to make sure your additional water lines are built properly and carefully connected to your new appliances, contact us today.