Keep The Shower Drain Clear

Keep The Shower Drain Clear

Have you experienced a clogged shower drain? It can be a pain to have slow draining water during your showers, so why not start with a little prevention? Prevention is always the key to avoiding costly maintenance later down the road. Try these tips to help you keep the water flowing down your drains.

Boiling Water

Start off with a little boiling water. Bring your tea kettle, or any pot, full of water to a boil and dump the contents down your drain. This can loosen up any hair or other gunk that may be stuck in your shower drain. Daily use can cause a buildup of hair, soap scum and more in your drain. Often boiling water is enough to loosen it up and get you back on the way to a clear drain.

Baking Soda And Vinegar

Do you remember the volcano science experiment from high school? Baking soda and vinegar react together in a way that causes a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction can help you get rid of the buildup in your drains. First, pour some baking soda in and around your drain. Then pour some vinegar in on top of it and watch the bubbles work their magic. It can loosen up mineral deposits, hair clumps, soap chunks and more. After about 20 minutes, be sure to follow up with the boiling water treatment to finish removing anything that may have been loosened up.

Install A Catch

Keeping hair out of the drain will avoid it clogging up the pipes in the first place. Install a basket or a drain cover that is meant to catch all the loose hair. There are ones that sit on top of the drain, or ones that are built to go in the drain and chop up all the hair clumps. Talk with a plumbing professional about the best option for your shower.

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