Keeping Seniors Safe In The Bathroom

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Do your parents still live in the home that you grew up in? This is a comforting thought for most people, but as your parents age, one thing that should be considered is the safety of their bathroom. As we age, we start to slow down a bit. Maybe we can’t stand as long as we once could, or maybe we have a difficult time getting back up once we sit down. Help your parents stay in the old homestead a bit longer by considering a bathroom overhaul. When it comes to helping out the members of the older generation, a remodeling project can give them more independence and give you peace of mind.


Shower Power

For seniors who have lost some of their mobility or strength, taking a bath is no longer an option as getting out of the tub is too difficult. For some seniors, even climbing over the tub wall to take a shower can put them at risk for a fall. Consider installing a curbless shower so they don’t have to step up or over to get in. For those in a wheelchair, this can be a godsend. If your folks still enjoy soaking in a warm bath, there are many types of walk-in bathtubs that can be installed and most have a built in seat where they can relax safely.


Clever Levers

When it comes to turning a faucet on and off, the twisting motion can be painful for the elderly. A lever faucet can make it easier on older hands. Foot operated faucets are also a good option and a good plumber can help with an install.


A New Commode For The Abode

A new toilet can help make things easier on stiff joints and aching limbs. A toilet that is raised higher takes the strain off when trying to sit down, and when trying to get up. Plus, there are cushiony models that can make using to the commode more comfortable than ever.


Install To Prevent Falls

Grab bars and rails in the bathroom are a must for older people. In the shower, near the toilet, wherever security is needed. A bar for balance can make a big difference between fearing a fall and feeling secure. Also important is the placement of non-slip bath mats and rugs to help your senior stay on their feet.


Taking Care

As your loved one ages, you want to take care of them now the way they took care of you then. Helping them to stay in their home and stay independent doesn’t take much. At Cardigan, we value family and keeping seniors safe. Let our experience in bathroom remodeling and plumbing help you make the choices that you need to make to ensure that your old home is a safe place to be.

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