Keeping Your Kitchen Plumbing Healthy

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Plumbing is an essential part of any kitchen. You can’t wash dishes, use a dishwasher, or even get water to cook with if you don’t have healthy pipes. There are a few things you can do to make sure that your pipes stay in working condition. Let’s talk about a few.

Grease Disposal

Do NOT pour grease down the kitchen drains. This is a big no-no. Grease will clog up your kitchen sink in no time and can cause numerous expensive problems. Instead, keep an old peanut butter jar (or other empty jar) in your freezer. Any time you cook, pour the excess grease into the jar and then place it back in the freezer. Once the jar is full, it is frozen and easy to throw away or take to the dump. Then you start all over with a new jar. This saves a lot of wear and tear on your kitchen pipes. If you can’t get everything out of the pan, you may want to wipe the inside of the pan with a paper towel and then throw it away to ensure that the least amount of grease possible is going down the drain.

Garbage Disposal

Do you have a garbage disposal in your sink? There are a few simple rules to remember when using a garbage disposal:
● Run cold water down the drain for 15 seconds before and after using the garbage disposal. This ensures that all pieces are washed down the drain and through the system to avoid any blockages.
● Never put stringy foods in the garbage disposal like banana peels, carrots, celery or poultry skins in the disposal. These can get caught up in the gears and cause a real problem. Instead, just throw away with your compost or regular trash.
● Grind up your citrus peels in the garbage disposal. This helps with any funky smells you may be experiencing.

Drain Catches

Use drain catches and stoppers to catch any large pieces of food that may be headed for the drain. Pieces of vegetables, meat and fruits can all be caught and dumped in the trash instead of washed down the drain. This can save you hours of trying to fish chunks out of your pipes, and has even been known to save jewelry from becoming lost forever.

Check Your Trap

A sink trap is a J-shaped pipe located under your sink. It is designed to keep any gasses out of your house that may come in from your water supply. It also can catch food and other clogs that may happen in your plumbing. If your trap has a vent or a drain on it, you should place a bucket underneath and drain it out several times per year. This will ensure that you are removing anything that may be blocking the trap from doing its job properly.

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