Keeping Your New Tile Flooring Looking Fresh

Having a new tile floor installed can revamp the look of your entire kitchen or bathroom, and we at Cardigan know how fresh a room can look when new tile is installed. What many homeowners strive for is keeping this flooring looking fresh, and there are several ways to do so when it comes to tile. With tile flooring, you can keep your room looking brand new for years with the right care, and it’s all about knowing how to clean up dirt, dust, or spills that your tile floor may encounter.

The best ways to clean up various messes on your tile floors, and to keep your flooringlooking fresh and clean, are:

  1. Wiping up spills – As soon as a spill occurs, it’s best to wipe it off of your tile with a damp cloth or mop. Depending on the type of spill, your tile could become stained, and this can make it significantly more difficult to keep your tile looking fresh for the long haul. In a worst case scenario, you’ve spilled spaghetti sauce on your flooring, what do you do next? Well, simply take a soft rag or dish cloth, dampen it with clean water, and wipe up the spill right after it happens to leave your floor fresh and clean again!
  2. Regular sweeping – You’ll be amazed by how dingy and dirty your new tile can look when it grows a layer of dust. Dust accumulates all the time, and when walking in or through an area, this dust is also joined by dirt and debris coming from other parts of the home or outdoors from your shoes. Regular sweeping can keep this dust at bay and your tile flooring looking sparkling and brand new!
  3. Mopping – Mopping can be accomplished in a number of ways, but it’s always best to figure your particular type of tile into the equation. Floor cleaners may be used, but if you’d prefer a “greener” option, try using vinegar instead!

At Cardigan, we want to help you to have the best looking floors possible, which is why we always pay special attention to the end product for all of our remodels. If you’re looking to have new tile installed in your home’s kitchen or bathroom, simply give us a call today and we can talk about how to get started on your next flooring project!

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