Kiss Your Clutter Goodbye

As February rolls in and January rolls out, many people are thinking about the resolutions they committed to this year. If one of your resolutions was to organize your home, you might be looking around your living room at all of the clutter and wondering where to begin.

The answer to your clutter problem might be found in a cabinet. Cabinets installed in a living room can easily provide space and storage for all of your daily living accessories.

What Goes Where

If you have kids, toys and books will have their rightful place behind closed doors. Pet’s accessories such as leashes, balls, and treats can get stashed in a drawer. Gaming systems and video games for the whole family get tucked away neatly in a cubby or two. Yorktowne Cabinet systems can provide a charging station for electronics where cords can be tucked away and access is easy when you’re ready to go. How about a separate message center where you can store mail, keys, important documents, and papers that need to be signed and sent back to the teacher? And when it comes to an entertainment system, wall cabinets can hide your TV or provide a place for you to mount it.


Cabinet systems can not only give you optimal storage space, but they can also provide the décor for your room. In designs and arrangements of all shapes and sizes, some cabinet systems can draw the eye in just like a sculpture or painting. The modern home is full of pieces that say convenience and character. When planning a home remodel, or even just an update, cabinets are the easiest way to change the décor in functional form.

If your motto for 2016 is home organization, Cardigan can help. With over 40 years of experience in turning a house into a home, we can help you determine what you need, where you need it, and how to get the job done. Call today for an appointment to see our showroom and all that we have to offer to help you de-clutter and love your living room.

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