Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring Options For Homes With Pets

While you may want to keep pets out of the kitchen and the bathroom, they may get in every once in a while! While we love our pets, we do know that they can do a number on our home, and you’ll want to think of how your remodel will stand up to your pets if you wish for it to last a good long time. When it comes to a pet friendly remodel, the flooring is what you should consider first, and we at Cardigan have quite a few options to share with you.

When pets walk about the house, their nails make soft flooring options prone to scratching or damage, and your floors can start to look dingy or damaged much more quickly than you’d like. One option that will stand up to the repeated clicking of pet nails is ceramic or porcelain tile, and this is also a flooring option that provides quite a few benefits. Tile is incredibly easy to clean, making any messes or accidents a breeze to clean up, and replacing damaged kitchen & bathroom flooring doesn’t get any easier. When a tile breaks, you only have to replace that tile, so repairs are much quicker and more affordable.

Embossed laminate flooring can be an excellent match for kitchens or bathrooms in homes with pets, but the embossing is an important part. Smooth laminate can be too slippery and cause pets to experience accidents or injuries, so the bit of texture is really key. The beauty of laminate is that it won’t show scratches as easily, and it can be exceptionally simple to clean.

When you’re preparing to design your newly remodeled bathroom or kitchen, don’t forget about how our furry family members can affect our flooring or design choices. By choosing the right flooring, you don’t have to worry about the family pet damaging a new remodel, and you can rest assured that your investment is strong enough to stand up to all kinds of use!

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