Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchen Cabinet Design
If you explore the suburbs between Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis, you might happen across a town called Crofton. Crofton, Maryland is a lovely place with great options for commuters thanks to all the nearby cities, and both it and the other suburbs nearby are growing quickly. People are building new houses and remodeling old ones all the time, and they’re relying on contractors like Cardigan Kitchens and Baths to do so. So if you’re looking for a new kitchen cabinet design, you should contact us right away.

Plumbing, Appliances, And More

Cardigan started out in 1971 as a local plumbing company. We would fix leaky pipes, clear clogs, and repair broken plumbing fixtures, but as time went on we expanded our business to include repairing and replacing major electrical appliances, replacing cabinets, and installing ceramic tile floors. These days we’re a full-service contractor for kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Aside from the fact that we started with plumbing, the reason we focus on kitchens and bathrooms is because these are the hardest rooms for homeowners to remodel. With bedrooms and family rooms you can move the furniture around and give the walls a fresh coat of paint, but in a kitchen a full remodeling involves replacing the refrigerator, the oven, the sink, the counters, and all the cabinets. That’s why it helps to call Cardigan when you want a new kitchen cabinet design or a new tub for your bathroom.

Cabinets In Endless Varieties

For cabinet designing and manufacturing, Cardigan has partnered with the American company Yorktowne. Yorktowne sells hardwood cabinets with old-fashioned and modern designs, with paint and finishes that give the wood all kinds of natural colors, and so they’re sure to offer a bathroom or kitchen cabinet design that fits the look you want.

For instance, you could get a set of oak wood cabinets painted white for that clean, pure look, or you could get cherry cabinets with a dark burgundy finish that would look great with dark granite countertops. Since we can also install ceramic tiles, you might want a set of blue and white tiles in your bathroom with a set of light-blue cabinets to match. Yorktowne also offers pre-distressed cabinet designs if you want your new kitchen or bathroom to look older.

With Cardigan, you can get new cabinet designs in more than just your kitchen or bathroom. We can install cabinets in any room you need, so you can get some extra storage space for your mop and home cleaning supplies in the laundry room or you can get a set of cabinets that help you organize your home entertainment system and route all the cables through discrete holes in the back.

Updated Equipment For Home

Many people are choosing to upgrade and remodel their homes right now because of all the benefits they can get from modern appliances. Smart devices like refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers can now communicate with smartphones and a central home computer, making preheating the oven as easy as using an app before you head home from work or speaking to Alexa when you’re two rooms away.

There’s plenty to love about old homes and old interiors, but while you might want to keep your existing kitchen cabinet design that’s no reason to stick with an old, inefficient, and possibly half-broken appliance when you could do so much better with a modern device. You can also get things like water jets for bubble baths and a built-in display with a modern bathtub. You may need to do some remodeling to fit the new appliances and fixtures into your home, but with Cardigan and Yorktowne you should have no trouble keeping your old style while getting a new kitchen.

At Cardigan, we still offer plumbing repair and replacement services, but if you want a new kitchen cabinet design, a larger bathtub made for relaxing, or a completely new laundry room with a high-efficiency washer and a full set of cabinets that keep your cleaning supplies away from the kids, we can help with that, too. So if you live in the Crofton area in central Maryland, give us a call and let us know how we can improve your home.