Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Tips

Crofton Cabinets And Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Tips

Many homeowners assume that once the Crofton cabinets contractors have done their job, you can enjoy using your cabinets for the rest of your life without a care in the world. The truth, however, is that your cabinets will need some maintenance. While it’s true that quality cabinets can last a lifetime in your home, they’re not indestructible and will provide years of reliable operation with just a few basic maintenance tips.

Moisture Management

If you have an accident where fluids spill inside a kitchen cabinet, always be prompt about wiping up that spill. Excessive humidity and moisture—even just from the environment—can eventually damage the cabinets. Leaving a spill inside or even just trying out towels by hanging on or against cabinets can subsequently warp the wood.

The water doesn’t have to make direct contact either. For example, trying to save money by not keeping the air conditioner on and allowing humid air to sit in the kitchen can, over the years, eventually warp wooden cabinets. The same is true for placing a coffeemaker directly under the cabinet and allowing the steam to rise and penetrate the underside daily for years.

Light & Chemicals

Cabinets are designed to be solid and sturdy, but even the best installation in the world can’t do anything against repeated exposure to sunlight. If you care about the color of your cabinets, it’s important to understand that daily sunlight exposure will damage and fade the color you’ve chosen.

In a similar vein, just because Crofton cabinets are solid, that doesn’t mean they won’t react to chemical exposure either. Using the wrong cleaning agents, such as cleaning agents with bleach, ammonia, critic acid, or organic solvents, all can potentially negatively interact with the cabinets. Dishwashing soap or other non-abrasive is often sufficient for the task.

With just a little regular consideration and care, your Crofton cabinets will last the lifetime you spend in your home.