Semi-Custom Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling: Semi-Custom Cabinets

When it comes to a kitchen upgrade project, kitchen cabinet remodeling is always going to be the most expensive item on the list. Homeowners will face many choices for their kitchen cabinets, and one choice with many consequences is whether to go with stock, custom, or semi-custom cabinets. Here’s why semi-custom often works best for many homeowners.

Not Too Much Choice

With stock cabinets, homeowners get little to no choice at all. The cabinets have already been measured to fit a specific size, and all that is required is for the parts to be assembled. On the extreme end, custom cabinets mean homeowners get the exact measurements they want, but everything is built just for them.

As can be guessed from its name, semi-custom cabinets are a hybrid format that sits somewhere in the middle. While homeowners do not get total control over every detail that they’d pay for with a custom-built cabinet, for more money than a stock cabinet, they get some choices to personalize specific details of their kitchen cabinet.

It’s important to note, however, that there’s no standard when it comes to what choices may be available. For example, Brand A of semi-custom cabinets may have standardized sizes but allow homeowners a lot of choices in terms of doors and even colors. However, Brand B of semi-custom cabinets may have far fewer aesthetic choices, but it allows homeowners more choices in the sizing and physical layout of cabinets. Brand C, however, might sit in the middle, offering a few more choices for look and size but not as many as the other two brands.

If you’re looking for more premium results with your kitchen cabinet remodeling project but don’t want to pay high-end, bespoke, luxury pricing, semi-custom cabinets are a great way to achieve those results. If you’re looking for experienced, reliable professionals to work on your kitchen remodeling project, contact us today.