Kitchen Cabinet Trends To Consider Before Your Remodel

For all of our customers looking for remodels during 2016, there are some stellar cabinet trends that you may want to incorporate into your overall remodel for the new year. Our custom remodelingservices at Cardigan can help you to incorporate these trends into your home, and a few that you may want to keep an eye on are:

• Make it personalized – The days of basic cabinet design are over, and taking a personalized approach is what many are striving for during their 2016 remodel planning. What personalized means is taking your cabinets and incorporating your own style into them, whether through color, shape, or function, and we can help with all of these needs. Hiding your refrigerator with cabinets, making space for your kitchen trash can, or a custom cabinet crisper, your modern cabinetry should be all about you!

• Clean lines – Clean lines are also a huge modern trend, and fancy embellished cabinets are going away to make room for simple designs. The really convenient thing about this type of cabinet design is that simplicity never really goes out of style, and your kitchen will remain on-trend for many years to come.

• Black, White, and Grey – In terms of color trends, black, white, and grey are huge in cabinet design for 2016. Much like the clean lines trend, these colors never go out of style, and you can keep your kitchen in trend for as long as you wish before you decide to remodel again. If you also like color, working with these neutral shades can allow you to incorporate splashes of color as you see fit, and these colors can always change with the years or the seasons while still bringing pop and matching your overall kitchen style.

• Horizontal cabinetry – We’re so used to cabinetry being vertical, and a huge trend in 2016 kitchen remodels is flipping this normal onto its head and going with horizontal cabinets instead. Rather than opening up a door, you’re sliding out a drawer, and you’ll be amazed at how much space you can make with horizontal designed cabinets.

If you plan to remodel in 2016, we at Cardigan are here to help. Whether you’re looking to incorporate some of these modern trends into your design, or you’re planning to take a more classic approach, our remodeling professionals can take your dream and turn it into your reality, and all you need to do is call us today!

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