Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen CabinetsThanks to cities like Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Annapolis, central Maryland has a big population. Suburban communities began to fill the region over a century ago when the first commuter trains came to the area, and even today central Maryland continues to grow. The locals here come from all walks of life and perform all kinds of jobs, but one thing they all have in common is that they all want a good place to live.

Old homes from past decades can give you a lovely design, but one thing people don’t want from the old days is outdated and worn-out appliances and plumbing fixtures. That’s why at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths we specialize in renovating and remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more. We can repair or replace all the electronic and plumbing equipment in your home and remodel kitchen cabinets that will add convenience and style to an older home. Whether you’re about to move out, you just moved in, or it’s time for your family home to get an update, Cardigan can help.

We Can Handle The Heavy Lifting

Back in 1971, Cardigan was a simple plumbing company that operated out of Crofton, Maryland. Crofton is still our headquarters today, and we still offer basic plumbing services to clients in our service area, but thanks to our decades of experience we can also help with much bigger projects like remodeling your kitchen cabinets, fixing your major appliances, replacing and rerouting your plumbing fixtures, and installing ceramic tile floors and backwashes.

The reason we specialize in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms is because these are the hardest rooms for homeowners to remodel on their own. While a bedroom or family room can look completely different with a new coat of paint, new furniture, and new decorations, a new kitchen requires you to pull out the old cabinets, replace the oven and refrigerator, and even reroute the pipes and wires in the walls. That kind of work demands a professional’s attention, and if that’s what you need in central Maryland you can count on Cardigan to get the job done.

We Offer Whatever Kinds Of Cabinets You Like

As a remodeling company, we don’t make our own cabinets. That’s why we partner with Yorktowne, an American cabinetry company that offers all the variety you could want. The company starts with solid hardwoods like oak and maple and can customize their products to whatever measurements and features you want for your kitchen cabinets.

Yorktowne offers several new and old-fashioned designs for their kitchen cabinets that fit whatever design you like. They also have plenty of color options, including both solid paint colors and stains that let you take advantage of the natural wood grain. The stain colors include interesting wood shades like dark ebony, pale ash, and red mahogany, and Yorktowne can also pre-stress your cabinets to give them a more rustic feel. The cabinets you order can go in your kitchen or bathroom, or you might like having a cabinet set for your home entertainment system or your laundry room cleaning supplies.

We Can Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

Even if you don’t want a brand-new interior design, you still might want the services of a kitchen and bathroom remodeler like Cardigan. In the first place, we know all about the best and most reliable brands out there and can help you make the right selection based on your budget and your needs. We can then help you install your new appliances as quickly and as safely as possible.

Modern appliances have all kinds of benefits compared to older models. For one thing, modern electronics are more efficient with electricity, especially when you compare a new model to one that’s decades old. You can also get extra features like refrigerators with ice and filtered water dispensers, ovens you can set to preheat with a smartphone app, and a bathtub with built-in jets and a waterproof display so you can watch your favorite shows as you soak.

When you hire Cardigan, you get a company with decades of experience working with home plumbing, major appliances, remodeling kitchen cabinets, and otherwise renovating old homes. If you live in our service area in central Maryland, contact us today and schedule an initial consultation. No matter how big or small the job is, you can count on us to do it right and see it through to the end.