Kitchen Cabinets In Maryland

Kitchen Cabinets In Maryland When you step into a kitchen in a Maryland home, chances are your eyes are drawn to the cabinets first. They’re a primary part of any functioning kitchen, and their location on the walls tends to draw the eye first before anything else. New kitchen cabinets in Maryland can completely transform a kitchen, giving your renovation a more dramatic look instantly. For Maryland homeowners who want the look of a fully renovated kitchen, but don’t want to physically change their space completely, it’s the kitchen cabinets that are going to give you that effect in a budget-friendly way.

Fashion And Function

Cabinetry is far more than just an aesthetic anchor. While cabinets immediately bring style and atmosphere to a kitchen, they also keep a kitchen running functionally. Cabinets store cups, plates, cookware, cutlery, and even appliances; allowing kitchens to be organized, useable, convenient, and easy to clean. When considering new cabinets, Maryland families should consider not just how they look, but how they add to the function of their kitchens as well.

Choosing The Right Kitchen Cabinets

The right kitchen cabinets will suit your Maryland home both aesthetically and functionally. When picking the best cabinets for your space, there’s quite a bit to consider. If a Maryland family is going through the kitchen renovation process for the first time, the sheer amount of options out there for cabinetry can be surprising. Some decisions you may have to make include:

Base cabinets or hanging wall? – Cabinets can hang up on the walls, they can focus under the countertops and rest on the floor, or they can do both. Hanging wall cabinets make great use of vertical space, but they may take up space for other elements in your kitchen remodel like new appliances or windows. Base cabinets, or those that rest on the floor, may be more challenging for some to reach and use, but they offer a more casual “living room” appeal to the kitchen space. For many Maryland homeowners, a combination of hanging wall and base cabinets are used.

Style – Do you want your kitchen to look deep, rich, and warm? Clean and airy? Classic and timeless? This is where kitchen cabinet style really comes into play. For something rich and warm, cherry or similar woods are a big favorite. For a kitchen that’s clean and bright, bamboo has become a popular choice. Something completely classic? Maryland families can’t go wrong with a wood like oak.

What kind of upkeep do you want? – You want your kitchen cabinets to look great now, and you want them to look just as great years from now as well. The style and the finish of your kitchen cabinets will determine just how easy they are to keep clean. Cabinetry with deep crevices or borders will take a bit more elbow grease than cabinets with flat panels. Additionally, satin finishes will hide fingerprints better than matte or glossy. If you want to get by on fewer cabinet wipe downs, your finish and style will matter more than you think.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends For Today’s Maryland Homes

Inspiration can always be found in the day’s latest trends. Even if a family in Maryland is looking for something outside of what they believe today’s trends are, it gives them a place to start.

One huge trend in kitchen cabinets that is unlikely to go out of style is wood grain. Wood grain is a classic, it’s a neutral look, and it can fit seamlessly in with just about any desired kitchen design. You can find the grain pattern on light woods or dark woods, and it can be “dressed” up or down depending on your hardware and other kitchen décor.

Kitchen islands have been a popular renovation addition for a number of years, and cabinetry certainly has a place in today’s modern kitchen island. An island that features an eating space on one side, and base cabinetry under the other, gives you a functional space for breakfasts and casual small family meals. It helps to turn any kitchen into a cozier space for home cooking or entertaining.

Alongside professionals, choosing the right kitchen cabinets for your Maryland home is a fun, informative, and confident process. To learn more about the kitchen cabinets we offer for any Maryland home, contact us at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today.