The Best Reasons To Remodel Your Kitchen

Kitchen Home Improvement: Best Reasons To RemodelDeciding on some kitchen home improvement can be a pretty big decision. Unlike other parts of a home that can completely transform with a new coat of paint and swapping out furniture, changing a kitchen is not like converting a bedroom to a home office. The presence of fixtures like cabinets, counters, appliances, sinks, and water faucets all means that committing to a change can involve a lot of commitment.

But the reasons you have for wanting some kitchen home improvement can have a big impact on the scale and final expense of how much you spend on this. Here are some of the reasons that can justify the cost.

Getting A Facelift

The first and probably least expensive option is more of a refresh. This can involve getting new fixtures, such as modernizing the faucets, or changing the surfaces of the counters to something new, like switching over to tile or using treated wood instead of granite.

For people who are tired of their kitchen’s look, but not its layout, or want to freshen things up for a more modern appearance at resale, the “facelift” approach is the most cost-effective approach.

Changing The Layout For Kitchen Home Improvement

This is where kitchen home improvement becomes a major project. In some instances, a homeowner may not be happy with the current physical layout of the kitchen. It may be too small, especially if there’s a desire to have a more accessible, open plan concept, or it may need to rearrange its current configuration because there’s a desire to change the workflow and center it around an island counter.

This scale of work is typical of a larger scope, and it’s not unusual for complete tear-downs of an existing kitchen to occur and a full reconstruction into a totally new room. In some cases, the size of the kitchen grows as older homes remove walls between the kitchen and dining room to open up the area. It’s not always just a rearrangement of countertops and cabinets; sometimes, the layout change can affect the flow of an entire home in a good way.

This type of renovation is most commonly done for personal reasons, to truly customize a kitchen to the owner’s specific needs. While still an issue, the cost is not typically done with an eye on return.

Property Sale

Perhaps the most common reason people decide it’s time for kitchen home improvement requires specific thinking. Upgrading a kitchen for resale needs to strike a delicate balance between increasing the property value and a reasonable return on investment and not spending too much money on features that have sales appeal but might incur a loss.

Getting a kitchen ready for resale happens for several reasons. If a multi-generational family has occupied a home, it may be structurally and aesthetically out of date with modern kitchens by several decades, perhaps even more. Even if a kitchen hasn’t been updated quite that long, any residents living in a home for several years often mean the design sensibility of the kitchen is out of step with modern trends.

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