Kitchen Home Improvement In Maryland

Kitchen Home Improvement In Maryland Kitchen home improvement is one of the most important and beneficial improvement investments any Maryland homeowner can make. The standard return on investment for a kitchen home improvement project in 2021 is around 50-60%, meaning that you can expect to recoup about 50% to 60% of your improvement budget in added monetary value should you choose to sell your property after the remodel has been complete.

Not just adding monetary value, kitchen home improvement also adds curb appeal to any property. Prospective buyers of a home will often look to two spaces when it comes to what makes or breaks a property – the kitchen and the bathroom. These are two of the most frequently used rooms of any home, and they’re some of the most important when it comes to how a home functions. A home with a fresh kitchen home improvement project completion tends to sell significantly faster than one with an outdated kitchen or bathroom space.

Trends For Kitchen Home Improvement

Like with any space, trends come and go when it comes to home improvement and remodeling for kitchens. If it’s been some time since a kitchen has been remodeled or improved, taking a look at the latest trends can really help to bring the space into the modern era. Some kitchen trends for home improvement slated to be all the rage now are:

• Smart tech and home automation – The kitchen has a lot of moving pieces, so it only makes sense that home automation for kitchen home improvement is going to be everywhere in Maryland homes in the coming years. Touchless faucets, WiFi connected appliances, energy efficiency, and voice activation are being prioritized for those who want to turn their kitchens into a modern “smart” space.

• Slab backsplash – Maryland kitchens are doing away with subway tile and trendy designed backsplashes in favor of sleek slab versions. A slab backsplash is any backsplash made using a single slab of any material, with many choosing backsplashes that match flooring or countertops or natural materials like marble or quartz.

• Dining islands – Islands are pulling double duty in Maryland eat-in kitchens. These “dining islands” are used not only for prep, but for creating a second entertainment space in the home. Really leaning into the “heart of the home” reputation of the kitchen, the latest trend is an oversized island designed to make it easy to prep, serve, and entertain all in the same space.

• Warming up – In previous years, kitchens have been heavy on Scandinavian style minimalism and cool modern farmhouse neutrals. This trend is making its way out, and what is taking its place is something warmer and cozier to go along with the heart of the home trend. In kitchen home improvement projects and renovations, one can expect to see natural wood tones, warm cream whites, and pops of jewel tones like ruby reds and emerald greens.

Is It Time To Update My Kitchen?

Homeowners in Maryland typically come to the conclusion that it’s time for a kitchen home improvement project when they realize that their own kitchen begins to seem a bit outdated. Whether in function or fashion, it’s difficult to enjoy this important part of the home when it’s in need of an update.

As a family grows, it’s normal for them to outgrow their kitchen. Perhaps only then do they realize that appliances aren’t what they once were, the layout is less than ideal, or that the materials used in their kitchen simply don’t hold up well to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In this way, a kitchen home improvement project can significantly improve the function of any kitchen. New cabinetry, updated plumbing, and a rearranging of the kitchen space can make this area of the home one that is enjoyable and convenient to use once again.

Another hint is the look of your kitchen, especially if you’re planning to sell your home in the near future. Kitchens decked out in all bright white may have been highly sought after a few years ago, but it can make a kitchen look in need of an update now. A farmhouse kitchen that may have been completely on trend before may appear cluttered and outdated now. When prepping to sell a home an outdated looking kitchen could make or break a prospective buyer’s decision.

Leave It To The Professionals

Kitchen home improvement in Maryland is an investment in the home, and one that should only be trusted to the professionals. With a professional kitchen improvement project, families of the area can rest assured that they’ve done the best for the home that takes care of them every day. To learn more about making the kitchen of your dreams a reality, contact us at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today.