Designing A Kitchen For Families

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors: Designing A Kitchen For Families

While most people will work with kitchen remodeling contractors on a major kitchen project, it’s important to keep in mind that you first consider what your kitchen needs are. And if you’re planning a kitchen project to make it accessible to the whole family, that’s a very different set of requirements from someone budgeting out a kitchen for a home rental income plan or someone redesigning a kitchen to make it more accessible for incoming disabled residents.

Here are some of the things you should discuss with kitchen remodeling contractors if your new kitchen is meant to be used by the entire family.

Go Open Concept

If your kitchen is going to be accessible to the entire family, that means you’re going to potentially be dealing with people in the room and using it at any time outside of meal times. The kids may be snacking there while doing homework. You or another resident may be using it as a home office or for other work-from-home related activities, maybe even while meals are being prepared.

An open-concept kitchen design makes it easier for more people to be in the space and opens up the possibilities for kitchen use outside of meal preparation. The days of a dedicated kitchen with an adjacent dining room are no longer fashionable, and in many ways, it’s just easier to move from a kitchen to a dining space without walls.

Design With Traffic In Mind

In keeping with an open concept, if you decide to go that way, one of the most important things you can do in the planning stage is consider “traffic” in the kitchen or how people will move around. For example, it’s one thing if a kitchen has only one primary user and everyone else stays out of it. If you’re that user, all that space is yours to claim at your discretion.

However, if more than one person is using the kitchen at the same time, such as when the entire family is helping to cook, then designing a kitchen that allows users to work and move without disrupting each other is critical.

Try Induction Ranges

While it’s a newer, more recent technology, one of the great things about induction stoves is that they are much safer for children and seniors. Unlike gas or electric stoves, induction doesn’t emit flame or have a heating element. Instead, it uses electromagnetic energy to heat induction-compatible pots and pans. This can drastically reduce the possibility of flame-based accidents in the kitchen and create a safer environment for everyone, especially children who may not be paying attention to their surroundings.

Have Accessible Appliances

If you want everyone in the family to use the kitchen, provide appliances you feel safe with everyone using. The microwave oven, for example, is a great appliance that can be used by just about anyone to heat or reheat foods quickly and safely. No cooking skills are required, just the ability to push buttons or cover/wrap foods in a particular way for microwaving purposes. If you want children to be able to use such appliances, position them lower for easier access.

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