Kitchen Remodeling Contractors To Bring Your Home Into 2023

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors To Bring Your Home Into 2023

For Maryland homeowners looking to freshen up their kitchens for 2023 the latest kitchen design trends can bring a great deal of inspiration. Some of the top trends to talk to kitchen remodeling contractors about this year are:

• Taking it dark – In recent years, bright white, beige, or light neutral colored kitchens have been all the rage. Afterall, it opens the space up and gives it a nice, fresh, and clean appeal. However, in 2023, things are getting a bit different. Darker colors on the walls or countertops to make cabinets or other fixtures pop are taking kitchens to a much more dramatic place. Dark greens, navy blues, and even deep maroons are adorning walls to create deep backdrops for the rest of your space.

• Open concepts – Open concepts are driving the “heart of the home” trend that is going to be huge in 2023. Kitchens aren’t just for prep anymore, and they’re becoming the new living room when it comes to entertaining and family living space. Open concept kitchens with islands, breakfast bars, and dining areas work to bring everyone together in the space where memories are made.

• Quartz countertops – The hottest trend in countertops is quartz, especially in elegant colors. Quartz countertops are easy to maintain, they’re sturdy and durable, and they can be found in a wide variety of shades to really customize your trendy kitchen experience.

Kitchen remodeling contractors can take your ideas, combine them with the latest trends, and marry them together to aid in designing the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. With just enough touches of the modern to keep your kitchen in 2023, timeless elements can also be incorporated to keep your space looking sophisticated and functioning optimally for years to come. To learn more about what our kitchen remodeling contractors can do for your kitchen remodel in 2023, contact us at today.