Kitchen Remodeling Contractors

Kitchen Remodeling ContractorsIn central Maryland you’ll find some of the oldest settlements in the United States. The state is one of the oldest English colonies, and today the area offers a combination of old and new thanks to bustling cities like Baltimore, Washington, and Annapolis. Some of the first passenger trains appeared in this area, and so even some of the suburbs have over a century of history behind them. All of this is great news for homeowners who like a house with some history, but even if you like old architecture it’s hard to like old and outdated kitchens, bathrooms, and washing machines. These parts of the home need regular updates, and when the time comes you need to look for kitchen remodeling contractors. For the people living in central Maryland, the best contractor to call is Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, a Crofton company that can handle all your plumbing and electrical needs.

How We Started

Back in 1971, Cardigan opened its doors in Crofton, Maryland. Back then we were a simple plumbing company that helped residents with issues like clogged pipes, leaks, sump pump installations, bathtub replacements, and so on. We’ve expanded our list of services by a lot over the decades, but you can still call us up when you need basic plumbing services in our area.

As our experience grew, our company started replacing other plumbing and electrical appliances. Eventually we started rebuilding and remodeling whole rooms, and so today we’re one of the best kitchen remodeling contractors working in Maryland. Whether you need to replace some old appliances or whether you want to redesign your kitchen from the ground up, you can count on us to get the job done fast and done right.

What We Can Do

As one of the kitchen remodeling contractors in Maryland, Cardigan Kitchens and Baths can tear out all the appliances, cabinets, and countertops in your kitchen and replace them with any design you like. Even if this means rerouting the pipes and electrical wires through your basement and walls, we can get the job done. We can also do the same thing for other rooms in your house. Your bathrooms are an obvious choice, but we can also add ceramic tiles to a hallway, replace your washing machine and dryer, or install a set of cabinets to hold your cleaning supplies.

Our cabinetry partner is an American company called Yorktowne. Yorktowne builds hardwood cabinets in whatever shape and size you need for your room, and it offers cabinets in a variety of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes. If you like natural wood patterns you can get a finish that emphasizes the pattern while giving the wood a realistic color like ash, cherry, or mahogany. You can also go for a solid paint color like white, green, or blue. Once your cabinets are just right, Cardigan will install them and make sure they fit just right in your home.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors – What We Can Add

One big reason to modernize your home’s interior is so you can take advantage of today’s technology. The ovens, refrigerators, and bathtubs on sale today are much more advanced than the models made just a decade or two ago, and by getting an update you can get appliances with more efficient designs and more options. Like other kitchen remodeling contractors, Cardigan can help you choose and install the best new appliances and plumbing fixtures available.

For instance, with a smart oven in your kitchen you can use a phone app to set it to preheat before you even get home. You can also get a refrigerator with cameras you can check to see what you still need to pick up from the store. With a new bathroom you could get a bigger tub with massaging jets and a low-flow toilet that uses less water. Then there’s today’s high-efficiency washing machines that use less electricity, less water, and even less detergent to clean clothes.

Whether your home is new or old, a modern kitchen and bathroom is a luxury worth getting. When the time comes to update your interior and you need to find Maryland kitchen remodeling contractors, you can count on Cardigan Kitchens and Baths. Our company will get the job done right, so contact us today and set up an initial consultation.