Kitchen Remodeling: Don’t Even Try to DIY

There are times when a do-it-yourself project can save you money and give you a feeling of accomplishment. You can bake ten-dozen cookies for your best friend’s upcoming wedding shower, knit a hat and glove set for your cousin who is always chilly, or even sponge-paint the walls of your bedroom if you are feeling particularly adventurous. These are good DIY projects that are relatively inexpensive and don’t require a huge time investment. The best thing about them is this; if you screw up, you can regroup and start again with limited money spent and a minimal raise in your blood pressure.

When you attempt a large DIY project, such as remodeling your kitchen, things can get pretty sticky. Fixing mistakes can be costly and your stress levels can go through the roof. Things to ask yourself when considering a kitchen remodel on your own are:

  • Can I afford to hire outside help if my plan goes awry?
  • Do I have the time to really invest in this project?
  • Can I stick to the design that I want regardless of outside input?
  • Will I be able to live with the outcome even if it is not what I wanted?

We live in an age that praises those who have the ability to design a home, structurally and aesthetically, and make it look so easy that anyone could do it. Television shows give us step-by-step advice, magazines give us page-by-page pictures, and the internet is crawling with videos showing how we can get-it-done. We start to believe that it wouldn’t take much to have the kitchen of our dreams with a few bucks, a few hours, and a few friends to help throw it together. Truth is, we never see the people who have spent thousands of dollars trying to make right what they did wrong in the remodel. We don’t see the tears that come when people forgo their own ideas at the suggestion of a big-box-store appliance employee who they trusted to know what was best. And we certainly don’t talk to those who walk into their brand-new kitchen every day and sigh because it looks nothing like they dreamed it would look.

Why embark on a journey that is so important, and difficult to change once started, without the help of a professional? For over 40 years, we at Cardigan have been helping people like you create the kitchen they always dreamed of. We’ll work together to see your ideas and plans come to life, from your cabinets to your countertops and everywhere in between. Call us today and instead of Doing-it-Yourself; we’ll Do-it-Together.

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