Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling
The land between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore is heavily developed, but then it’s been that way for a long time. Cities and towns like Crofton and Odenton fill the area, and the homes of these communities date back to all different eras of suburban development. But while that fact is a plus for families looking for a new home in the area since they get their choice of styles, it’s not so nice for families who want a home that has all the modern amenities. And that’s why Cardigan and our bathroom and kitchen remodeling services come in handy.

It All Started With Plumbing

In 1971, the year our company was founded, Cardigan was nothing more than a plumbing company. We’d fix everything from leaky faucets and clogged toilets to leaky water heaters and clogged sewage pipes. These days we’ve significantly expanded our business, but we still offer basic plumbing services to residents in Crofton and throughout the area.

The reason we’ve expanded our business is because bathroom and kitchen remodeling has a lot to do with plumbing. It’s also because these are the hardest rooms in the house to remodel: a new coat of paint and different furniture can work wonders in a bedroom or a den, but to fully remodel a kitchen or bathroom involves replacing built-in cabinets and replacing plumbing and electrical appliances. The same is also true of the laundry room, which is why we can also replace your laundry appliances and cabinets.

Get New Cabinets With Your New Kitchen

Our cabinetry partner is Yorktowne, an American cabinet manufacturer that offers dozens of combinations of colors, wood types, and styles. If you want a natural look that enhances the woodgrain or if you want solid colors to match the paint and tile surfaces, you only need to look at what Yorktowne has to offer.

For instance, your wood choices include durable hardwoods like oak, maple, and cherry. If the natural browns of these materials aren’t what you’re looking for, Yorktowne has glazes that cover a range of colors like light peppercorn gray and dark shades like ebony and burgundy. The designs cover a range of styles and periods, and Yorktowne also offers pre-distressed cabinets for clients who like an older, lived-in appearance.

The cabinets are for more than just kitchen remodeling, too. Bathrooms and laundry rooms have cabinets that could use new designs, too. You might also want a cabinet set to organize your home entertainment system, and through Yorktowne Cardigan can also supply you with a custom cabinet set that fits your system like a glove or else has extra room for future expansions.

Update The Convenience Along With The Design

Bathroom and kitchen remodeling are expensive jobs, even if you’re a trained plumber and you do most of the work yourself. But the advantage of a complete remodeling is that you’re getting more than just an updated design: you’re also getting updated appliances.

Modern refrigerators can come with extra functions like water and ice dispensers, a more energy-efficient design, and a Wi-Fi connection that lets you keep track of its contents. Ovens can also be more efficient and come with a smart connection. Then there are kitchen faucets with tall and flexible stems that make cleaning pots more convenient. Even something simple like adding a garbage disposal to the kitchen sink or installing a dishwasher when the house didn’t start with either can make a world of difference.

In the bathroom you can reduce your water usage with a low-flow toilet, and your shower stall can be more appealing, more water-resistant, and come with a waterproof screen built into one wall so you can watch something as you clean yourself. The laundry room has improved, too, thanks to new high-efficiency washers and dryers.

Kitchen remodeling can take a lot of time, effort, and money, but it’s the sort of investment that adds a lot to the home’s value and can make preparing food a lot more fun and convenient even if you never intend to move. So if you live in the combined Washington-Baltimore-Annapolis metro area, and if you need plumbing services, new tiles, new cabinets, or a whole new kitchen or bathroom, then you should contact Cardigan Kitchens and Baths at our office in Crofton, on the phone, or right here through our website.