Kitchen Upgrades Don’t Have To Be Big

Average Cost Of Small Kitchen Remodel - No Need To Be BigA complete kitchen renovation is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive investments in home improvement that owners can make. Depending on the size of the kitchen, materials chosen, and even the home’s location, it’s possible for big kitchen upgrades to exceed $100,000! But what about if you go small? What’s the average cost of a small kitchen remodel? Much of this depends on where you decide to cut costs.

Keeping Existing Cabinets

Cabinets are typically the most expensive part of any kitchen remodel, so if you’re happy with the current state of your cabinet, leaving them alone will often incur the biggest savings. However, some people, while satisfied with the size and current configuration of the cabinets, may be tired of their look. This is where cheaper options, like repainting cabinets, getting new handles, or even resurfacing, can make a big difference with minimal spending.

Don’t Change The Layout

Another way that costs can lower the average cost of a small kitchen remodel is not to change the layout. Big expenses are incurred if walls are torn down, cabinets and counters moved around, and plumbing rearranged to customize a kitchen to a more personalized workflow placement preference. Keeping everything where it is can massively reduce the cost.

New Surfaces, New Colors

Changing superficial elements is the best way to change a kitchen’s look while keeping the average cost of small kitchen remodels low. Invest in a new countertop surface, such as upgrading from vinyl to stone. Repaint the kitchen walls, or change the doors on cabinetry.

With smart choices, small kitchen remodels can be as low as $4000 and can easily be kept under $10000, whereas the average cost of a typical kitchen remodel is often closer to $30000. For rental properties or budget renovations to prepare a home for resale, these can sometimes be the most effective ways to get maximum benefit with minimal cost.

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