Kitchens and Kids

If you have kids (or think you may want kids) and are planning a remodel, be sure to think about them when planning out your design. Children under the age of four are the most likely to get injured in the kitchen, according to statistics collected by the New York Department of Health. A little planning can prevent unnecessary injuries to you and your entire family.

Cooking Space

Keep the oven and cooktop out of the main path of travel to avoid any injuries. Knobs can look like really fun playthings when left right at first glance. Tuck your cooktop away in a corner of the kitchen that isn’t in the direct path to the refrigerator or to the snacks. A wall oven that is higher up may be to your advantage for safety reasons. No one will be able to crawl in it, or lock a sibling inside, and the buttons will be out of reach as well.


When planning out your microwave height, think about how much you want the kids to be helping you in the kitchen. Do you want them to be able to microwave their own lunch? Consider a microwave under the counter. Or would you prefer to keep little hands off of all the fun buttons? Then consider an above the counter microwave. Always remember that kids will grow, and even though the microwave under the counter might seem like a pain now, you may be grateful you did it when they are older.

Sharp Storage

Keep curious hands away from sharp tools by picking a top drawer with a lock. While counter top knife blocks may seem like a good idea, they can fall off, or kids can pull up a chair and grab whatever they want. Putting them out of sight in a drawer can help to keep temptations away. The best option is a knife block that is designed to go inside of your drawer.

Kid Dishes

Kids love to ask for a drink at the most inconvenient times. Usually it’s when you are taking a shower, or trying to get ready to go, or just settling down with a good book. Store kid cups and plates in a low cabinet or drawer for easy access. If you designate a cabinet for their cups, plates and flatware that they can reach on their own, they will be happy because they can help and you will be happy because you can finally get to page two of that book you’ve been eying. If you don’t have a cabinet that you can spare for their gear, you can always get magnets and stick some cups to the refrigerator.


Where there are kids, you will need snacks. Plan out where you will keep the snacks so that there won’t always be hungry children under your feet when you are trying to cook dinner. Think about some low baskets in the pantry that can hold pre-packaged snacks that they can grab themselves. Position the refrigerator somewhere that is easily accessible to the cook, and the kids that are passing by.

When you are ready to plan out your new kitchen, give Cardigan a call. We have been designing kitchens since 1971 and have a lot of experience to help you design a kitchen that is safe for your whole family.

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