Let the Family Gather – Kitchen Expansion

When your grandparents were growing up, the kitchen was a place where meals were cooked and dishes were washed. Many of the older homes had separate dining rooms where the meals were eaten and a door separated the two rooms, keeping the kitchen sequestered. When your parents wandered in while grandma was cooking, they were often ushered right back out.

New Designs

Thanks to open floor plans and new design options for kitchens, those days are long gone. Today, the kitchen has become the focal point of the home, designed for comfort and convenience with easy-to-operate appliances, gorgeous and plentiful cabinets, and counter space galore. Essential to a modern kitchen is a place to sit and watch the action, from a built-in place at the island to a simple breakfast nook; available seating is a must.

All are Welcome

Everyone is welcome in the kitchen and everyone wants to be there. Nothing is as comforting as the smell of baking bread and who wouldn’t want to watch as Dad creates his famous stir-fry? In cold months, the kitchen is a place of warmth and nourishment. Being close to family and food is the essence of peace and can create a center of calmness in a busy world. Plus, today’s kids are learning the secrets of family recipes at a young age and the first step in getting them interested is to give them a place to sit and observe. Conversation happens when it’s least expected, and topics are deeper than those that come up during the commercials at television time.

When planning your kitchen expansion or a remodel, make it a place where everyone can share in old memories and make new ones. Open it up, air it out, and offer plenty of places to sit and observe, to do homework, to talk. Cardigan has extensive options and design ideas to help you upgrade the most important room in the home. We are your local Yorktowne cabinet dealer and can help you create a place where your family and friends long to be. Let us help you you’re your kitchen for life and love it for living. Visit our showroom today.

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