Little Things Can Really Improve A Countertop

Little Things Can Really Improve A Countertop

The countertop in a kitchen is a true “work horse” of the home. While a workshop might see some occasional, heavy duty use for wood working or other industrial work, a countertop on a kitchen sees heavy use on an almost daily basis in a busy household with a lot of cooking. A kitchen countertop needs to be sturdy for cutting boards placed on it, taking the impact of knives cutting or even the force of a cleaver for people that are cutting bone.

This means that countertops need to be both strong, and liquid resistant as well as a safe surface for food preparation, if people are using the actual counter itself for things like baking. It’s safe to say that with a typical kitchen countertop, this is one part of the home that will take a lot of abuse, and it has to be up to the task.

The Right Features

This is why you need to think about more than just the color combination with the rest of the kitchen when you look at a countertop. Depending on how busy you are in the kitchen, and your own “body awareness,” you may want to round off the corners of your countertop for a smoother look that also prevents painful bumps.

If you work with a lot of liquids, another thing to consider is what is called a “marine edge.” This simply means that the edge of the countertop itself is slightly raised, so that when liquids naturally move towards the edge, they are trapped by that “lip” instead of dripping off the counter and onto the floor. This type of feature, while seemingly small, can make a big quality-of-life difference to neatness and cleaning of a kitchen by preventing a lot of unnecessary messes on the floor.

When you meet with our experts at Cardigan Kitchens & Bath, we’ll walk you through all the options, so that you can ensure that the new countertop you get meets your needs.