Lower Cabinets May Make Better Deep Drawers

Cabinetry Contractor: Lower Cabinets As Deep Drawers

If you’re planning to work with a cabinetry contractor to upgrade the cabinets in your kitchen, now is the time to consider many new features that can improve your kitchen use experience. One of the more useful trends in kitchen design—especially for those who don’t want to have too many upper cabinets—is converting lower kitchen cabinets into deep drawers.

Storage Challenges

With a standard cabinet, opening the door reveals a single, large space that you can fill with whatever you like. However, because it is a large space, you can only fill the bottom unless you decide to stack items to take advantage of the vertical space. Moreover, if you have any items you place in the rear, you will need to remove other items in front of it if you want to get at those rear items.

This issue can be made even more inconvenient by the fact that lower cabinets, being positioned closer to the floor, means having to lower yourself. Depending on your age, this can be a minor inconvenience, or it can cause major discomfort due to joint or mobility issues. In some cases, such as those using wheelchairs, it may even be impossible.

The Deep Drawer Solution

Converting cabinets into deep drawers instead means that the space is just a much larger version of the drawers that you might ordinarily use for storing eating utensils, for example. However, in this case, the much larger volume means you can store bigger items, like pots, pans, and even small appliances, such as air fryers or Instant Pots.

This provides two benefits. The first is that you no longer have to remove other items to get at things you want in the rear. The other benefit is that bigger cabinet spaces mean you can have multiple drawers, allowing you to take full advantage of the extra vertical storage space.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and want an experienced, professional cabinetry contractor to upgrade your cabinets, contact us today.