Make Wiping And Scrubbing Things Of The Past With A Self-Cleaning Toilet

Make Wiping And Scrubbing Things Of The Past With A Self-Cleaning Toilet

People decide to remodel for numerous reasons. For one, many older kitchens and bathrooms are cramped with very little storage space. Homeowners can barely turn around without bumping into a counter, appliance, or something else, and stocking goods in the locations is nearly impossible. Another reason people choose to renovate is that the rooms feature cracked tiles, peeling paint, or fixtures have dingy finishes. Still, others decide to refurbish their homes because it makes the cleaning process easier.

Sleek, stylish commodes, faucets, tubs, and other fixtures are available with modern designs that do not have as many bends, twists, and curves as previous models. These items wipe down quickly and without much effort, which allows people to spend more time doing things that they actually enjoy. Plus, having new tiles installed on the floors makes mopping a breeze. Give our proven, reputable team a call to discover your remodel or plumbing service options today.

Cardigan Kitchen and Baths is a local family owned and operated organization that has helped design and create many beautiful rooms for Maryland residents since 1971. The team will be more than happy to do the same for you. Whether a homeowner is in the market for a full-blown remodel, only a fixture replacement, or just residential plumbing repairs, we have them covered.

An Innovative Design

The American Standard ActiClean toilet comes with a 9-week supply of cleaning solution that removes stains and leaves the bowl sparkling. It has two different cycles, Deep and Quick Clean, which can be activated by merely pushing a button. Parent don’t have to fret about kiddos playing with the unit as it even has a child lock feature. The bowl also has a rimless design that prevents dirt and grime from building up. This commode is ideal for conserving water because it only uses 1.28-gallons-per-flush. Thanks to the VorMax Flushing System, the toilet clears waste effectively and does not tend to stop up as much as some of the other available brands.

Continue reading if you are still not convinced about the benefits of owning the ActiClean commode. The EverClean surface inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew, which can cause unpleasant odors. In turn, the toilet remains beautiful and clean for an extended period. Allow our staff to share their recommendations, while discussing the pros and cons of each model with you, to ensure that your bathroom receives a high-quality, easy to clean toilet.

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