Make Yorktowne Cabinets A Part Of Your Home Remodel

Make Yorktowne Cabinets A Part Of Your Remodel

There are many cabinet manufacturers throughout the United States. If you are looking to incorporate cabinets into your home remodel, there are many factors to consider. A trusted company that produces quality cabinets should be on top of your list. You should want cabinets that are durable and will not need to be replaced a couple years down the road.

Yorktowne Offers A Variety Of Products

Yorktowne’s product line promotes flexibility and choice. Their cabinetry offers practical, modern storage solutions for anywhere in your home. Yorktowne cabinets are made from a variety of different woods –

  • Knotty Alder – straight-grained and uniform texture. Knotty alder has a uniform light brown color that often reveals a reddish tinge.
  • Cherry – smooth grain with colors that vary from light pink to dark brown. Cherry can carry mineral streaks, pin knots, and sap wood that blend in naturally with the wood for a beautiful piece. Cherry will darken as it ages.
  • Hickory – bold grain pattern with colors that can vary dramatically. Hickory can reveal beautiful burls, pin knots, and mineral streaks that are considered accents, not defects.
  • Maple – smooth texture with uniform grain patterns. Maple is typically a creamy white, but can also appear as a light pink or reddish brown. As maple ages, it will amber.
  • Rustic Maple – smooth texture and a closed grain pattern, with colors from creamy whites to spots of black. It is a dense wood.
  • Oak – varied, open grain pattern with colors from light tan to dark red. Oak can contain mineral streaks.
  • Quartersawn Oak – quartered and cut at an angle to the growth ring. This reveals a beautiful aspect of the grain, with colors from light tan to dark red. It is a dense, heavy wood that is very strong and durable.

Made In The United States

Yorktowne cabinets are made in America, and are shipped nationwide. They are certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers’ Association. They have been a family-owned company since 1920, use local forests, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Yorktowne cabinets are environmentally considerate and stand the test of time, as the company believes that that the best way to protect the environment is to build products that last, so that they will not need to be replaced.

Let Cardigan Install Your Yorktowne Cabinets Today

Here at Cardigan, we are big advocates of Yorktowne Cabinets. If you’re interested in having them installed, let’s work together for your next home remodel. Contact us today for more information and a consultation. We look forward to working with you in helping you to achieve the kitchen you have always wanted! Yorktowne achieves their brand goals by empowering their dealers, such as ourselves. Working through us can allow you to select from designs with an array of unique styles, materials, hand-applied finishes, optional tailoring, and storage solutions while remaining within your budget.