Making A Comeback: Wood Countertops

Making A Comeback: Wood Countertops

For people who are looking at their kitchen and deciding that it’s time for a change to either get that dream kitchen they’ve always wanted or to renovate the kitchen in a home that is about to be moved into, there are lots of choices to be made. One of the bigger choices is going to be the countertop, and you might be surprised to learn that wood as countertop surface, isn’t as unfashionable as it used to be.

Why Wood?

In addition to the warm, distinct look that wood offers a kitchen, there are lots of practical advances to switching over to this material for your countertop surface. Unlike stone surfaces, wood is naturally absorbent when it comes to impact and sound. This is one reason why “butcher blocks” are made from wood since it reduces the shock and vibration from the impact of knives and cleavers. And the sound absorbency means that when appliances run in the kitchen, the wood doesn’t amplify and bounce that sound throughout the home, making for a quieter environment.

There’s also the environmental factor to consider. Unlike stone surfaces, wood was, is and always will be a more environmentally conscious choice, since it is 100% sustainable. You can even get specialized countertops that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. And even though a wood countertop can last the entire lifetime of your home, should you decide you want to get rid of it, it’s wood! It’s very easy to recycle into something else.

Proper Costs & Installation

The type of wood and finishing you want for it will determine the cost of your countertops, but you wood options run the spectrum for lower budget alternatives all the way up to premium products that are priced accordingly.