Making The Kitchen Senior Friendly

Getting older can mean a lot of things. Your wise and knowledgeable. You’ve had a life time worth of experiences. However, it can also mean you don’t move as well as you used to. Some may need only a cane to get around while others will need wheelchairs. Sadly, many homes are not build to accommodate the things you need to get around the house, including the kitchen.

The kitchen is an important part of our home. It is where we cook dinner or bake treats. However for someone who is elderly, the kitchen may be a place of frustration. Your independence is important, but if your wheelchair doesn’t fit in the kitchen you may lose your ability to cook and make your own meals. Instead of letting your kitchen take away your independence, you should remodel to suit your needs!

Reachable Counters

Being wheelchair bound can effect a person’s ability to reach things and can greatly hurt your ability to be independent. This can be especially obvious in the kitchen with high cupboards, sinks, and other appliances that are simply too high for you to reach. Though some items like dishes can be moved to lower areas, you still can’t wash them if you can’t reach the sink. During the remodeling process, we can provide you with lower counter-tops, sinks, and cabinets so that nothing is out of your reach.

Floors That Are Strong Enough For Wheels

For those with wheelchairs or motorized chairs, it’s easy for your wheels to end up scuffing up the floors. This not only damages the floors, but can make you feel embarrassed about your track marks. Well you don’t need to feel embarrassed any longer! We have many different types flooring that is durable enough for your wheels without having to sacrifice style.

Need A Little Extra Room

Whether you have a walker, wheelchair, or other helpful items, it can be a hassle to have enough space for it. Most homes are not built to accommodate the kind of help you need to get around your home including your kitchen. Don’t work around this issues! Remodel your kitchen to give you the extra room you need to get around.

At Cardigan, our professionals are dedicated to helping you personalize your kitchen for your unique needs. We will work with you to make sure your kitchen gives you the independence you deserve without sacrifice style. Call us today and ask about our kitchen remodeling services!

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