Making The Most of Your Kitchen Countertop Space

A tiny kitchen and leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed. For the small-home owners and apartment dwellers, the heart of the home can become easily overrun. Here, counter space is a precious commodity, but to maximize every inch of that space you’ll have work with your kitchen to make a miracle happen. Want to make the most of the small kitchen space? Here is what you will have to do:


Get A Rolling Cart

Believe it or not, a small rolling cart in your kitchen makes a major difference in conserving space in your kitchen. Pull it out to place items on when you need it and roll it away for storage when you do not. You’ll be surprised how much this little addition can contribute.


Fill Up The Space On Your Walls

The countertops are important for some reasons. You’ll use them to place the food for big dinners, you will use them all throughout dinner preparation and serving. If you have space on your walls, a little creativity can make those open spaces into innovative storage machines. Place hooks and shelves along your walls to utilize space. A mounted knife rack will keep your tools perfectly within your reach without the inconvenience of a countertop knife block.


Install A New Pull-Out Pantry

Is your kitchen too small for a regular, closet-sized pantry? Try installing a pull-out pantry instead. The design is so slim that it is easily tucked away into some tight spaces. The pantry makes your kitchen items easily and readily accessible to you, even items tucked further in the back.


Make The Most Of Corners

Corners often go to waste, but they are just as useful as the rest of your kitchen countertop space. You can install drawers to keep kitchen supplies, place a single bowl sink to minimize space use, even add a shelf to hold kitchen items that would otherwise use up counter space.

With a little imagination and creativity, even your smallest kitchens can be redesigned to meet your changing needs. Considering installing a new single bowl sink or adding some wall mounts to make the most of your kitchen space? Call on one of our designers to schedule a consultation.

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