Maryland Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Tips For 2023

Maryland Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Tips For 2023 According to Houzeo, the best time to sell a home in Maryland is during the spring and summer months, with a particular spike during the months of June and July. Kitchen and bath remodeling in Maryland can help you to sell your home faster, putting you ahead of your competition in attracting interested buyers. Whether you plan to sell in the near future or not, kitchen and bath remodeling really work to bring your home into modern style while also increasing functionality.

Kitchen Remodeling For The Modern Era

Whether you’re planning to sell or you’re looking to stay a while, the kitchen remodeling process can seem overwhelming at first. For Maryland homeowners who have never gone through a remodel before, looking to the professionals is one of the key ways to make the entire process easier from start to finish. Kitchen and bath remodeling can take a trained eye to make your finished product just right, but there are a few tips you can use to get the creativity flowing:

1. Keep it simple if you’re going for a sale – When remodeling for a potential (or imminent) sale, it’s best to keep things simple. It might be tempting to bring a little flash into the mix in an effort to “stand out”, but your true goal is to appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible. While one buyer may love the boldly colored accent wall, another could really disagree. Luckily, kitchen fashions are taking a lot of inspiration from nature in 2023, which means there is no shortage of trendy neutrals. A slight, pink-tinged blush beige, a warm ivory, or a taupe inspired grey keeps your new kitchen on trend and widely appealing.

2. Open up your kitchen – Opening up your kitchen is a tip that rings true whether you’re remodeling for a sale or remodeling for yourself. Buyers often look for an open floor plan, and an open kitchen is one that offers plenty more room for cooking, entertaining, and storage. For those who are unsure, but who may sell in the future, prioritizing an open kitchen is a must.

3. Add a stand-out feature – Stand out features really grab the attention of prospective buyers, and they give you a little something special if you plan to keep your kitchen for a while. Quartz countertops, layered lighting, or creative storage can help to turn your kitchen into something distinctly custom and unique.

Bath Remodeling For A Dream Bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are the two most often used spaces in any home, so if you’re putting the thought into your kitchen remodel it’s crucial to not forget the bathroom as well. Kitchen and bath remodeling together can completely update a home while only changing two important areas. If you’re planning a bath remodel to prepare for a sale or simply update your home, you may want to consider:

1. Like the kitchen, keep it neutral – Kitchen and bath remodeling projects have one thing in common in 2023, and it rings true whether you’re planning to sell or not – it’s all about neutrals. Neutrals have the widest appeal for those looking to attract prospective buyers, and they present the cleanest and airiest space for those simply wishing to modernize bathrooms in their homes. For bathroom remodels in 2023, the biggest neutral shades designers are seeing include blush, cream, and taupe. To bring warmth into the space, wood cabinetry and brushed fixtures create a homey feel.

2. The bathroom backsplash – A tile backsplash has been a trend in kitchen remodeling for many years, but now it’s moving into bathrooms as well. In kitchen and bath remodeling, a backsplash is a tile panel behind a sink or other fixture to protect walls from moisture, and creative backsplashes are bringing an unexpected charm to 2023 bathrooms.

3. Reclaiming space – For many years, a large standalone tub has been a mainstay in luxury bathroom remodels, but things are starting to change. The latest trend in bathroom remodeling is to do away with the oversized or standalone tub, and to reclaim that space for more of an open feel. Instead, walk in showers or tub/shower combo units are serving their purpose without a separate bath.

Professional Support From Start To Finish

With ever changing trends, how do you know which will stick? How will you know what will have the most impact? Kitchen and bath remodeling professionals can help you through your project, providing inspiration and making sure you make the absolute most out of your Maryland area kitchen or bathroom. To learn more about modernizing your space, contact us at Cardigan Kitchens and Baths today.