Maximizing Space With A Modern Shower

For those looking at a minimum space level in their bathroom, maximizing the space that you do have is probably one of the biggest priorities you have for your remodel. You’ll want to turn your bathroom into something that’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but optimally usable as well, and installing a modern shower can really help in this endeavor. The modern showers on trend today are those that offer an entire spa experience in the form of a shower, and you can save quite a bit of space by opting for one of these units over your standard shower and tub combination

If you’re one of those that really prefer a shower over taking baths, or cleaning a shower stall over cleaning a tub, a modern shower can be an excellent option if you’re not actively trying to save or create more space. The modern shower stalls being seen installed in bathrooms today are outfitted with multiple shower heads, different water patterns and intensities, and in some cases, even lights and music built right in!

At Cardigan, one of the most oft heart questions we get is how to make a person’s bathroom look bigger. The bathroom is a room in the home that will be tasked with doing quite a bit of work, and they’re not always large enough to get what they need to get done comfortably. Taking out your old tub and installing a compact, convenient, and comfortable walk in shower stall can free up that bit of room and provide a much more open and inviting bathroom experience.

As part of your new remodel, you can also have your cabinetry, sink, and the general makeup of your bathroom worked around your new shower installation, so everything can come together as one in your fabulous new room.

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