Maybe It’s Time To Go Premium With Your Toilet

Bathroom Improvements: Maybe It’s Time To Go Premium With Your Toilet

If you’re looking at some bathroom improvements for your own home usage, getting a modern, premium toilet is one way to improve your home experience. Today’s toilets can do far more than just flush away waste; they include a whole suite of additional functions that can make things a bit more convenient, including:


If you want to use a toilet without turning on the lights in the middle of the night, new toilets can offer a nightlight function, so you don’t have to wince at the brightness of the bathroom lighting.


A carryover from Japan and Europe, bidet functions aren’t new but comparatively rare in the USA. A bidet is a fountain-like jet of water that is used to clean private parts and often does away with the need for toilet paper.

Heated Seating

Toilet seats can be cool, making for some uncomfortable moments if you need to sit on them. Modern toilets can offer an extra heating function so that it’s comfortable to use regardless of the temperature in the home.

Air Drying

If you have a bidet function, an air dryer function is the perfect way to top off the bidet experience and save on toilet paper.

Water Conservation

If your home had a toilet installed before 1992, it is far less water efficient than newer models. The latest toilet models don’t compromise on flushing power but use far less water, meaning lower water utility bills every month.

Automatic Lids

Another new convenience feature is motorized lids with pressure and motion sensors. This means the top stays closed until it detects someone approaching and then opens. When the person leaves, the lid closes again.


Finally, many people don’t enjoy cleaning toilets, but premium models now can do this themselves, with features like chemical dispensers to clean the toilet at the push of a button and UV lights to sterilize it against germs.

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