There Might Be An Easy Fix To Having No Water Pressure In The Washing Machine

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Many people take their appliances for granted. They expect the equipment to work seamlessly with the push of a button or a turn of a knob. However, much like anything else human-made, eventually, something will go wrong. Whenever these issues occur, before running out and buying new equipment, Crofton residents should contact Cardigan to inspect the unit. The hose connections could be the culprit, and letting our plumbers unclog and replace the screens may be all that is needed.

Homes have different kinds of piping that supply the water to fixtures. Galvanized pipes are notorious for allowing rust to become built-up on the inner walls and at connections. Pieces seem to break free every time the water is turned on or off, and they tend to clog toilet water control valves, shower heads, aerators, and of course, the screens in your washing machine. The reduced flow may cause the device to produce a faint humming or a high-pitched squealing noise, which is enough to make homeowners want to pull out their hair. This restriction can be so significant at times that the machine receives no H20. If left unchecked, the problem often leads to the motor or other essential parts breaking, and then, owners are left with no choice but to have expensive repairs done, or head out in search of a pricey new washer.

The issue may be more significant than first anticipated though. Special dielectric fittings are required to separate copper from galvanized materials. When people do not utilize the appropriate parts, not only does build-up occur that stops water flow, but tiny holes will start to form on the pipes, and before you know it, leaks are coming through the drywall. Our professionals will inspect the plumbing system, and make repairs as needed to get your home back on track again.

Give us a call if your dryer is not heating thoroughly, and it seems to take an act of Congress just to finish a single load of clothes. Almost everyone knows to clean the lint from their machine before each use. However, little bits and pieces of the fibers can make their way past the screen, and eventually, they cause a blockage in the dryer vent. The machine cannot breathe, so to speak, and it is overworking itself to dry the clothing, while not actually accomplishing anything at all. Users are quite surprised when they come to check on the finished load, only to discover that it is still sopping wet. So, before jumping the gun and buying new appliances, homeowners may find it in their best interest to schedule plumbing service.