Millersville MD Ceramic Tile

Millersville MD Ceramic Tile
Millersville, MD is what you might call an exurb of Baltimore and Annapolis. It’s far enough from Baltimore’s suburbs to still have a rural feel to it, but thousands of its residents use I-97 to make their commute to either city. Afterward, they head back home to closely packed townhouses or widely spaced single-family homes.

However, Millersville isn’t exactly a new community. European settlers have been living here since 1841, back when the A&E Railroad first crossed from Baltimore to Annapolis and they needed a post office at Millersville. Thanks to that, the community has been an exurb or a suburb of both cities for well over a century and a half.

Still, while this means many of the homes in Millersville offer different architectural styles, the interior often needs regular updates and improvements. Kitchen and bathroom remodeling offers a chance to improve your technology and your interior style, which is why at Cardigan we offer the people of Millersville, MD ceramic tile installation, cabinetry, appliance replacements, and even regular plumbing jobs.

Combine The Old With The New

Owning an old home can be a real treat, especially if you’re a fan of bygone architecture styles. However, it also comes with challenges like paying more for maintenance, having to deal with a cracked foundation, and needing to update the appliances to make them more efficient and more effective. An old coal-burning stove is a great decoration for a modern kitchen, but you really shouldn’t use it to cook your food.

Fortunately, when you contract with Cardigan you don’t have to decide. We specialize in kitchens and bathrooms, the rooms with the most plumbing fixtures and heavy appliances, and we make sure to uninstall the existing appliances safely while doing the same with its replacement. We can also handle other jobs while we’re in these rooms, such as adding or changing the cabinets or applying some Millersville, MD ceramic tile to the floor or a backsplash.

Get The Most From Your Appliances

While old building designs have plenty of merits, they don’t have much in the way of high-tech appliances. That’s why even the oldest houses in Millersville, MD have relatively new stoves, microwaves, and sinks. The convenience these appliances offer is much better than the authentic smell of burning your food on an iron stove. After all, today’s refrigerators can come with smartphone connective apps plus ice and water dispensers, and you can set your oven to preheat before you even leave from work.

You can also enjoy modern conveniences in the bathroom. Along with giving the bathroom in your home some Millersville, MD ceramic tile, you can install a low-flow toilet that only uses a fraction of the water per flush. You could also turn your bathroom faucet into a fashion statement and put a thin, water-resistant display in your shower so you can watch while you clean up.

Add More Everywhere

While Cardigan chiefly handles kitchens and bathrooms, we can apply our remodeling expertise to any room you want. Did you want some of our Yorktowne-brand cabinets to contain your home entertainment system? We can do that. Did you want to pave your laundry room in Millersville, MD with ceramic tile? Absolutely. We can also help you install other major appliances like a new washer and dryer thanks to our expert plumbers and electricians.

Cardigan can also handle simpler requests. Our company originally began in 1971 as a plumbing service, and we still offer repair and maintenance services to houses and other buildings in our area. If you want to fix the bathtub you have right now and not replace it, we’ll do what we can to remove any clogs and keep replacement costs to a minimum.

While Cardigan may have started out small, we can now handle major jobs like a kitchen remodeling in Odenton, a new bathroom in Crofton, or the installation of some Millersville, MD ceramic tile. Thanks to our decades of experience and our partnership with other companies like Yorktowne Cabinetry, we can help you preserve that old-fashioned architecture outside while modernizing your kitchen and bathroom appliances and maintaining that old, lived-in look you love so much. Contact us today to start talking about what you want out of a remodel.