Millersville MD Kitchen Remodeling

Millersville MD Kitchen RemodelingNot every community between Baltimore and Annapolis is a growing, vibrant suburb. There are still plenty of smaller towns and villages around, villages as old as the first railroads that supported them. Millersville, MD is one such community that began as a post office stop on the famous A&E Railroad.

This long and quiet history means the homes in Millersville vary from stately old manors and houses to efficient town houses made for exurb commuters. However, while plenty of people love to live in a fine old home, the best kind of kitchen is one packed full of modern conveniences. That’s why Cardigan Kitchens and Baths, based out of Crofton to the south, is happy to be your contractors for a Millersville, MD kitchen remodeling.

Explore A Mix Of New And Old Fashions

Old homes use architectural styles and interior decorations that modern homes rarely use. However, many times these houses lose their original style thanks to owners who prefer a more fashionable, up-to-date look regardless of how good the original looked. And if the original fixtures and decorations are still up, there’s a good chance that time has not been kind to them. Either way, a kitchen built before the last half-century or so frequently won’t have the room needed for modern conveniences like dishwashers, microwaves, countertop appliances, or large refrigerators.

At Cardigan, we have the flexibility and experience you need for a Millersville, MD kitchen remodeling no matter what fashions you want to follow from the present or the past. As your local Yorktowne Cabinetry dealership, we can supply your kitchen with cabinets made with new or old styles, with more than a dozen natural wood colors, with white paint or any color of the rainbow, and even with pre-distressed doors that look as old as the rest of your home.

Enjoy The Latest Appliances

Cardigan originally began as a plumbing service back in 1971. Our business has expanded a lot since then, but you can still trust us to install all the plumbing and electric fixtures you need for a Millersville, MD kitchen remodeling. And if all you need is a plumber to fix or repair your existing systems, we still proudly offer these services.

Modern kitchen appliances offer a lot more convenience than they did just 20 years ago. A faucet can have a built-in flexible neck, or it can have an integrated water filter so you don’t have to attach a bulky device that gets in the way when you want to wash your dishes. You can get a refrigerator with an ice and water dispenser, and you can get a smart oven with a Wi-Fi connection that lets you preheat it even as you drive home from the grocery store.

Look Beyond The Kitchen

Cardigan can do a lot more for you than a Millersville, MD kitchen remodeling. Between our expertise with cabinetry, plumbing, and home electronics, we can remodel just about any room in your home. Even if the room in question is nothing but extra storage space or a workspace you don’t need any longer, we can help you convert it to the kind of room you want it to be.

We can give your home a bathroom with a modern and fashionable tub, brand-new cabinets, and an integrated stereo or TV screen that can keep you entertained for a long soak or a quick shower. We can design a cabinet set custom fitted for your entertainment system, or one with room to grow. We can add tiles for floors and backsplashes for your kitchen or bathroom. We can also install electronic and plumbing systems like surround-sound speakers and a high-efficiency washer and dryer.

When it comes to the place you call home, you shouldn’t have to choose between modern conveniences and old-fashioned style. If your Millersville home is new, you can replace your cabinets with distressed wood and an older design. If your home is old, Cardigan can update your plumbing and electrical systems so you can add a dishwasher, an electric or gas oven, and a fully modern refrigerator. No matter what shape it’s in or how you want to change it, you can rely on Cardigan to perform your Millersville, MD kitchen remodeling.