Modernize Your Home With A Kitchen Remodel

Modernize Your Home With A Kitchen Remodel

Many of the homes across our great nation, including those right here in Crofton, feature amazingly small kitchens. Homeowners do not have enough counter space for one person to prepare food, and attempting to get more than one chef involved is an impossible feat. The cabinets, or lack thereof, do not have nearly enough room to keep dishes, household essentials, and foods neatly tucked away. Countertop appliances like toasters and blenders have to get stored away in the garage, utility room, or even hallway closet. Attempting to open the stove and refrigerator doors at the same time, can lead to them crashing into each other. These types of dilemmas don’t require people to demolish their homes, but a kitchen remodel can prove to be the perfect remedy for the situation.


Even Small Accessories Can Make A Huge Difference


Some individuals do not know how to function in old houses. Most residences come with dishwashers, garbage disposals, and even trash compactors. However, older structures don’t always have these types of appliances. Homeowners must throw all of their scraps away, take out full bags of trash regularly, and they can even be seen scrubbing pots and pans at their kitchen sinks. The devices that make our lives easier are no longer considered luxuries or conveniences, but instead, they are necessities that help people accomplish daily tasks.

Ice makers are another improvement that is worthy of recognition. Even if they are stacked on top of each other, plastic ice trays can take up most of the room in a freezer. Earlier homes did not come with an emergency water shut-off valve behind the refrigerator, or under the kitchen sink, and getting water to the appliance is not always a simple task. Plumbers often install saddle valves in attics, or in numerous other locations. The device pierces the pipe and seals the hole with only a rubber gasket. Eventually, this site starts leaking, which causes drywall and flooring to sustain damages. The valve itself can clog and ruin the appliance too. Our professionals will rough-in your plumbing correctly, and you will gain the modern kitchen that you so desperately seek.

What in the world is a pot filler? These faucets are typically installed above the stove, and as the name states, they fill containers with water. This type of equipment is not right for everyone, but chef’s that frequently cook large batches of pasta, and other delicacies, can find them extremely useful. Rather than lugging that massive pot between the sink and stove, with the turn of a handle, the vessel becomes filled with H20, while it already sits on the stovetop. Whatever your wish list entails of, just know that our proven team is here to help make these fantasies a reality.

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