The Natural, Classic Appeal Of Wood Countertops

The Natural, Classic Appeal Of Wood Countertops

Wood countertops can be an excellent choice for your kitchen remodel. They can bring a warm, farmhouse charm to your cozy kitchen, or offer a natural, visually striking contrast to a more industrial-looking kitchen. But are they the right choice to meet your needs? Let’s find out!

All The Options!

The selection of wood types you can use for your countertops is extensive, so you can easily find options that coordinate with your cabinets, flooring, and overall design. You can choose from maple, cherry, oak, birch, and teak. Bamboo often gets lumped into the wood category, though it is actually a grass that offers a wood-like appearance. You can use a stain in your choice of finish to enhance the color of the wood. You can also style the wood with edge treatments, install in panels or with face grain or end grain planks. There are many wood countertop options that offer a customized look to suit your tastes.

Environmental Impact

Wood countertops can be a greener option. More and more, wood is being salvaged and re-purposed for beautiful, environmentally friendly countertops. And, even if your wood countertops have not been reclaimed, they can typically be recycled in the future.

Required Maintenance

Wood countertops do require proper care to extend their lifespan and keep general wear and tear at bay. These countertops need to be sealed correctly, or bacteria will hide and collect in its porous surface. They also need to be treated with mineral oil or another protectant to reduce water damage and staining. You may also need to refinish your wood countertops after 10-20 years, to refresh their appearance and increase their longevity.

Because wood is softer than granite, quartz, or many other countertop materials, it can be more prone to scratches and dents. This is something to consider if you have children who enjoy helping you in the kitchen. Using cutting boards and taking other precautions can prevent damage, but accidents do happen.

If you are willing to properly maintain your wood countertops, they can be a naturally beautiful accompaniment to your kitchen. They can really work with any style, and you can customize them to reflect the unique design and feel you want for the space.

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